Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Too Windy for Me

The boot was almost full, when Hugh said,"Is that everything you need? How long will you be away?" Well, his gear was on the back seat so I guess I did have quite a lot of "STUFF"
In just these last  few days the Chestnut Tree has lost almost all of its coloured leaves, the grass has a carpet of  what was once that lovely golden colour now turning dark brown and getting blown with the wind.
The Desert Road had the predicted gale force winds, making it impossible, unsafe and quite scary to even think about getting out in the open to get a photo. Windscreen ones were the best option, unless the door was to be forced off its hinges. We couldn't stop at the usual places, too exposed and  I didn't dare even open a window to avoid raindrops  on the photos!!

sEven the tussock grass was blown flat, and the rain was horizontal and battered the windscreen. The only respite from this attack was when we reached what is called ' The Three Sisters" , a group of 3 sharp corners, and there is high bush at the sides. Once through there, the wind started again, quite relentless.Lake Taupo was not filled with the usual quota of fishermen and women trying their luck at the favourite spots at the  rivers and streams. I did see one brave person, but he was just standing, I'm sure not brave enough to cast his line, with that wind it would have come back in his face. 

Tomorrow might bring  a better day, off to Hamilton, so more news and views from  the Bay of Plenty.

Cheers from Jean

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