Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bags from North and South

There is a huge box of bags from Queenstown, thanks Ann and Russell for collecting the box, and Kaz for bringing it up with her from Dunedin. The bright coloured lovely  bags will be just great for the tiny tots, just labels to be attached. Likewise another large lot I collected from Dianne Southey today, many thanks for being a " Drop-Off" place. many different styles, colours and sizes.
  Great sewing everyone, a lot of time and thought into the designs and sewing. Thanks so much. Children and adults will all be so happy to get a "bag of their very own",Photos of all these to follow later
Tomorrow there will be bags of a different sort as I go to Rotorua, the list,in no particular order is...
Machine,Laptop,Fabric  (don't forget matching threads),Patterns (make sure the pins and scissors are in as well),Clothes, Raincoat,Camera,Medication, Do I need the cutting board and rotary cutter? How much will I get sewn while I am  away? I always seem to take too much, but the thought of running out of material, new patterns, books to read is scary,better to have too much . Hugh is already  looking at my collection and wondering just how long I will be away???  Do you really need all this???.
 What do we do when Blogger is down? Read ,catch up on emails, sort  out photos, hope that it is not just on my laptop. Then the eventual relief,huge relief, to know it is not my fault at all.
This week the news and views will be from Taupo,Rotorua and Hamilton.
Cheers from Jean

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