Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fabric by the Metres

There have been so many generous people who have donated fabric,cord, and the good people who put  numerous free bag patterns on the internet. You could search all day, and find something truly suitable,  something complicated but lovely when finished, bright and beautiful, or just plain and simple.
We have a hot sunny day here, so time to get into the garden and clean out an area ready for a new tree. The old cherry tree was getting very woody and past it's use by date. So again the internet provides a great place to search and find.Big trees, small trees, evergreen,deciduous, weeping,upright, native, imported,  you name it, there it is.
Decisions,decisions. Watch this space for a photo of  " The New Tree.

A selection of material from Cottage Curtains Express,the muted soft colours so suitable for Japanese people, ladies and men alike, as I'm sure that the men there will appreciate a bag as well . For all those still in evacuation  centres, this will be their very own, and so useful as well as pretty,  practical  and personal.

Another lot of fabrics again from Cottage Curtains Express, some lovely plain ones for linings, and the colours all blend well together, they can be different patterns for the back and front, just to make a variation. The parcels  of material were so heavy, there were 3 trips to the wagon, and so many thanks, this is so much appreciated. it will all be  put to the very best use, and just watch for photos of the finished bags. It is so satisfying to see  a length of material turn into a  creation that will please the receiver so much.
Bags are coming from North, the far South, Central Otago, South Auckland to name a few places, so the days of looking in the mail box for letters has been replaced by eager anticipation in opening parcels.
Cheers from Jean


Anonymous said...

Now I know where all your time goes.I like the photos too, hope I get to take lots more for you. From Hugh

Anonymous said...

you are doing wonderful work. From Julieanne