Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Photos are Here

 Here are the lovely bags from Mary- Ann Kane,  what a great delight to get the parcel in the mail-box. pink stripes,green stripes, patterned and just lovely,Thanks so much
More bags from Rangitikei Country Quilters, they have all been very busy and so generous, as they asked me to be a "Guest Speaker".My family have grave doubts in my ability to have a speech that is only 2 minutes long.Impossible Mum, you just wouldn't get it done in that short time.Well, the speech was short, but the talk afterwards was lengthy. Thanks for listening.

Here is a wonderful selection from Bryan Gaskin Fabrics,  one of many who have been so generous in their help.Thanks again,  these are well on the way to going to Japan, the bags look so pretty in the floral fabrics and the New Zealand one is waiting for that "Special pattern"
Bags from Rangitikei Country Quilters, what a wonderful selection in all shapes, colours and styles.They will be so happy to get one each.
More photos to come, this is a real autumn day, with cloud, and drizzle, heavy rain forecast for later on.Such a good day to be inside and look at fabric,patterns and choose .
Cheers, Jean

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