Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Trees in May

This is not the NEW TREE. that is still to be chosen.This Chestnut Tree was here when we came and looks so superb as it changes with the seasons.
It has suddenly changed colour, and the mustard yellow is turning to gold each day. there is still some greenery to be seen.It provides a quiet shady spot in the summer and there have been many people enjoy just this so often, when Ken was here, and  people came for dancing on the lawn.
The line of  New Zealand  Cabbage Trees (Cordyline) display their colourful bunches of flowers, and when they flower early, so the saying goes, it will be a hot dry summer. The possums enjoy climbing up and hiding in the rosettes of leave at the top, then laughing loudly to say " Catch me if you can"

The ,local Tutaenui Stream is clear, and the stones at the bottom are just covered by water now. When it floods, debris of all description gets carried down so fast. The grandchildren enjoy  the many places to ford, build stone weirs and then dismantle again.Last week I was walking down there, and looked across, and there was the smaller of our female feline family,Poppy, just getting into the water from the other side.I immediately thought of the film " Milo and Otis", as I watched her start to sort of paddle, then as she got into a bit of the current and about 1 metre of water, I could not say silent any longer and  called to her.LOUDLY.
" Poppy, come here"
She looked up, floated to this side and scrambled up the bank so fast. Not happy at being quite wet,   she raced off home.Enough excitement for one day.

The blog comment part has had an alteration, and now comments should be able to be entered. Something the Blog Guru didn't mention. I needed to alter it to "anyone" it seems. Happy commenting from now on. All a bit of  learn as you go

Happy Autumn Days
from Jean


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, just great to see Poppy safe and secure on the right side of the water. Just like her to go for an adventure. From Heather

Justina F. Lee said...

I have a great love for big trees. They seem to be so wise and giving.

Justina F. Lee said...
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