Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 7 June 2013

A Few More Travel Pics


We visited the South Island a few years ago .   Some pics from down south,  and some from the North Island. These were taken with my Canon Ixus,I hope to visit  these places  again  .

Morning fog on  the farm, Otago,  not far from the snow photos the other day.

morning fog  on the farm

The Purakaunui Falls are a very popular spot for tourists and locals. A cascading multi-tier waterfall, on the Purakaunui River, in the Catlins. An iconic image, much photographed and visited by tourists and locals alike.

Purakaunui Falls,Otago

Nugget Point Lighthouse , built in 1870, and originally fuelled by oil. In 1949 this was replaced with an electric light, powered by a diesel generator, and later the system was replaced by a connection to the main grid, for electricity. In 1901, Walter Champion was the keeper, with his wife Alice. It was fully automated in 1989, and now  is  managed from a control room in Wellington.

Nugget Point Lighthouse

South Otago Coastline, a cloudy hazy day.

South Otago Coastline

Back to the North Island, a tarn on the way to Heritage  Lodge, in the Ruahine Forest Park. The original hut burnt down,  in 2005, and   after  a generous donation from the family of the late Alice Nash, ( who  often visited the ranges in this area with her children ) ,and many hours of work from  NZDA Manawatu branch members, a new hut was built, the “ Alice Nash Memorial Heritage Lodge” .

Tarn on the way to Heritage lodge

Further north, this was taken from the plane’s window, when I flew to Auckland in May, 2009. Mt Ngauruhoe, an active  stratovolcano, in the Central Plateau. The lower mountain on the left is Mt Tongariro.

Mt Ngauruhoe from the window

Closer to home, this dead tree stood tall, I wonder how many storms  blew onto the once green leaves and branches.

Dead Tree 

Quotation of the day, from Albert Einstein.

“ Imagination is  everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”

Greetings from Jean


TexWisGirl said...

beautiful scenes! neat lighthouse! love the old tree and the ferns in front of the falls!

Nancy J said...

Hi, those falls are truly beautiful, I want to do more pics, with the 550D this time, A narrow track that wound round the rocky area,to the lighthouse,I can only imagine how hard the men worked when they manned them, polishing the lens, lighting the oil lamp, a maybe life-saving beacon for many at sea. Cheers, Jean.

Carol Mattingly said...

You've got gorgeous scenery there Jean!!!

Nancy J said...

Thanks Carol, down here we can drive for an hour or two, and see so many different scenes, all equally stunning,... you can see the ocean, a lake, a river,a mountain or 2 or 3, farmland, towns, sheep, cattle, and more.More to come from Hugh's photos another day. Cheers, Jean

Barb said...

I'm really enjoying your photos of NZ - they're bringing back good memories as I sit on my deck in Breckenridge.

Georgia said...

New Zealand is truly beautiful. It would be great to visit some day.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a beautiful, beautiful place!!

Nancy J said...

You are all so very,very welcome to stay with us, wherever we are.I look at all your photos and think the same, you live in a wonderful part of our world.More to come when I raid Hugh's,have to look into his external hard drive though. Greetings to all, Jean.

Nicky said...

Now there are some spots dear to my heart, the lighthouse and falls are places we visit often. I love the Plateau photo from the plane, what a magic view.

Nancy J said...

Nicky, I had to think seriously when choosing which side I needed to sit, this was taken going North, a few days in Auckland, and coming back to P North, all cloud.Yes, Otago has the most stunning places to visit and photo, some time after that trip, we went to a mall in Levin, and at the camera shop there, the most stunning photo of the falls, printed on canvas I guess.it was in beautiful slow motion, I hope to get a better one next time.Getting cooler up here, guess it's a lot colder for you. Cheers, Jean.p.s. lots of info on Google about the lighthouse, in its early years.

Jim said...

Hello Jean. What wonderful photos! I am particularly attracted to that lighthouse one. Ours are slowly but surely disappearing due to neglect and lack of funding by the Federal Gov't. It is a shame. This one you have shown is incredible and I love its location out here at the edge!!
thanks for this and have a good Sunday.

Nancy J said...

Jim, the narrow track to the end is exciting, there were some seals way down below, couldn't see but heard them,Those keepers did have a hard life, early on, polish, set, check the lens, fill the lanterns, do home schooling, have generator power in later years .My friend Walter ( of the Compass wallhanging) said he relied so much on so many lighthouses in WW2, when mine laying, later he received a DSC for his services. Greetings to all, Jean.p.s. lovely hammock!!!

KB Bear said...

What in incredible lighthouse, and the coast is gorgeous! Wonderful pics!

Nancy J said...

KB, stunning scenery down south, hope we get there , one day, to take more pics . Cheers, Jean.

Tanya said...

I so want to visit New Zealand someday. That is on my "bucket list". I wonder if I'll ever get there...