Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Google Reader


I have been confused about the end of “ Google Reader” and how it will affect us here with Blogger. I put a query out in “ Geekzone “ and have posted some of the replies.Opinions vary, and one person  is very sure we will not be affected at all. See #2. Then  see #1, and I have heeded those words, and saved all URLs to a document, in case.     Has anyone changed yet??

Some of the replies I received in “ Geekzone”, this is a public forum that anyone can read, you need to join to log in and ask questions or reply .


I can't be 100% sure, but I am pretty sure that Google Reader shutting down won't affect any of the functions in Blogger. One is that they seem to be using something other than Google Reader there, and the other is that its not mentioned in their blog: http://buzz.blogger.com/
Google Reader is a service that lets you follow a lot of blogs and blogposts. Its in short an RSS reader. Feely, RSSowl etc. are similar services.
One thing I would do if I were you, is to make sure you have all the URLs (links) to the RSS feeds you are showing today, save them somewhere where you can find them and then forget about this until 2nd of july. Then check if everything works as it should. I am pretty sure you won't have to do anything after the 1st of july but it always pays to be a little cautious.


Nancy, Google Reader has nothing to do with that list.
Google Reader is used by consumers to collect a list of blogs and quickly read them. What you use for your blog has no bearing on this at all. That list is not maintained by Google Reader.


am trying http://www.feedly.com/ which is ok, took a bit to configure initially and hopefully they will bring a proper web client out soon :)
as to impact on other services.... wait and see is about all we can do :)


I'm using https://theoldreader.com/ as my rss reader now, you can export your subscription list from Google reader and import into it.
I doubt Google will kill off Blogger, unlike Reader which had a relatively small number of users, Blogger is massive.


I've signed up to Feedbin for a while to see how that performs. Seems to be okay for now!

#6… Local news and a view from our front lawn.

We have had some beautiful morning and evening skies this last week, and this view,  the colours changing every minute,  through the trees, deep red to orange to gold , as the sun went down. Magical!!!

Late afternoon sunshine

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

“ If it is working well, leave it alone”

Greetings from Jean


Maureen said...

Wow Jean - wish I had your front lawn!!!
We do get a lovely sunset over the Manukau though.
Thanks for info on Google Reader

Janet said...

Today`s world seems to be all about making change, whether it is needed or not. In fact where it is needed it seldom happens, but there is a lot of fixing of things that aren`t broken.

Nancy J said...

I have been all set to make a change, but after reading the above , will wait and see. If it fails, I have all the links saved. Maureen, lovely front lawn till mowing day, or raking up dried leaves!!!Cheers, Jean.

Julie Fukuda said...

I added "bloglovn" just in case but this has the name of Google Friend Connect and not Google reader. I also have received no notice. All the hype is coming from other bloggers.
I agree with your quote! Google needs to make that its mantra!

TexWisGirl said...

if you read blogs from your blog dashboard or sidebar or from saved favorites, you won't be affected at all. if you never used google reader, you won't miss it.

i've used google reader to read my blogs for years (as i follow so dang many) and so i switched to feedly.com as soon as google announced they were shutting down reader. if you've never used google reader, you're fine as is.

Nancy J said...

Yes Julie, I agree too. Texwis, I do read them from my dashboard only. Thanks for explaining it so well. Cheers, Jean.

Karen said...

Oh what a lovely sky!

I never use google reader, so I will leave things as they are!

MandaBurms said...

I'm thrilled with bloglovin. Pleased I changed.
Love Leanne

Barb said...

I've never used the Reader, so I'm not changing anything. Hope it all works normally for me after July 1! What a great view, Jean.

camp and cottage living said...

Beautiful photos Jean!
I added bloglovin just in case and I now have all of my favorites saved there so I can read them ASA they are posted. But you can't transfer the people following you.
They have to follow me by clicking on my bloglovin button.

KB Bear said...

I'm glad that the others explained it so well. I did use reader, and I've had to switch to a different program.

Yes, a magical sky!

Michaele said...

I don't use the reader much, so hopefully it won't affect me. Thanks for posting the info though. Love those tall, tall trees!

sophie...^5 said...

I joined Bloglovin' just last week and realized that I never used Google Reader anyway. So now I'll probably never use Bloglovin'. I don't think much will change!!