Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rain, and More Rain


Yesterday much of New Zealand had heavy rain, farmland is flooded, bridges washed away, roads closed. Today the Antarctic Polar Blast is moving closer  to the South Island. Snow is predicted to fall to sea level along the eastern coastline in Otago .  Our sky this morning showed not one skerrick of this, with  only a few clouds to the south.

Looking to the South, “misty grey’ was the colour there. Beautiful.

morning sky  in June

Looking to the West, a few wisps of paler cream, tinged with almost pink. The English Elm tree has lost nearly all the leaves,  the birds still  find a safe place to rest awhile.

morning sky  #2

In the garden there are many of these smelly/ revoltingly smelly, fungi. They are a variety of “Stinkhorn” fungi, and these seem to grow from a white blob in the ground. Slimy, not toxic or poisonous,  they do add some lightness to the darker places.

Basket Fungus named

Quotation of the day,   from Tite Kubo,

“If I were rain, that joins sky and earth that otherwise never touch,

Can I join two hearts as well ?”

Greetings from Jean


Carol Mattingly said...

It sounds like winter Jean. Stay warm and dry!

camp and cottage living said...

That is the most unusual fungi I have ever seen.
So is winter on it's way there?
The first day of summer is in four days here!
Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful sky photos.

Tanya said...

I've never see fungi like that before! It looks like something from outer space!

Janet said...

Beautiful skies! And the fungus is sooo interesting!!!

Craig said...

Lovely sky photos. Sorry to hear of the rain. from drought to heavy rain in just a few weeks!
I've never seem a fungus like that before. It looks a bit spooky...

Nancy J said...

Yes, winter is here, snow to sea level down south tomorrow, and up here in the Central Plateau Thursday. Probably none where we live. That fungus is the most revoltingly stinky "thing" I have ever seen, I can smell it from 15 feet away!!! I have seen them before but not been able to identify it.Tonight the sky was crimson, more pics tomorrow. Greetings to you all, Jean.

Susan Heather said...

We had that fungus on our property up north but I can't say I remember a smell (and I have a very sensitive nose). Perhaps they had gone past the smelly stage when I saw them.

Fine this morning but showers later on. Storms forecast for tomorrow with 19 degrees and 15 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What an interesting fungus! Oooooohhhh, it stinks too.

It's hard to think of you having winter weather, when we are having very warm and humid weather.

Keep dry and warm ~ FlowerLady

Ashling said...

Winter is coming in with a blast for you, it seems. Wishing you clear skies and cozy days. BTW--that fungus is fascinating!

Nancy J said...

yes, the barometer has dropped to "storm",still fine up here, but down south the polar blast is arriving. Firewood box is full, kindling stacked up inside,hat patterns printed and ready to use.Greetings to all, Jean.

Linda said...

Hi Jean, wow! Stay warm, dry and safe!

KB said...

A beautiful quote...

I've never seen anything like your Stinkhorn Fungi. They are unique and fascinating.

The skies are beautiful. I'm glad that it's not snowing on you.