Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Motivated Like Never Before


The batik fabric was chosen, cut into strips, joined to the background blue, sewn together, then the rows all sewn in sequence!!! Wow, I do not think I have EVER completed something/anything, even part of  anything… in such a short time. I didn’t even need that “ Round Tuit” that my Dad gave me so many years ago.

wiggle me finished  apart from the borders  #1

I struggled to find a flat place large enough for a photo, so it is on a slant, as I had to stand on the settee. I still need to add a border, or maybe 2 borders, so the voting is open for all suggestions.  I do not have enough of the original blue, so need to bring in another fabric. Please see the “maybe”choices below, but a friend on the Wiggle Me group has suggested a dark navy, then using the left overs from the colours, strips of them, then a chosen edging at the very outside. This would make it the perfect size for our bed, as Hugh already has his eye on it.

He suggested we have it on our bed tonight!!!

Choice #1…Left hand side, variegated green with wavy gold lines, Choice #2…right hand side purple, with cats outlined in another shade.

Border LHS greens, RHS purple with cats outlined

Choice #3…Cats, with a narrow inset of blue the same as the quilt blocks.

border purple cats, with a smaller same blue insert

Choice #4…Left hand side, the pale green, and Choice #5… right hand side, a NZ fabric with dark green ferns


Wiggle me  border  paler green  with gold, darker green fern

Choice #6…This one has another blue that has white patterns on it.

border  different blue with white pattern

And naturally, as happens up at Linda’s place in Taupo, no quilt is complete without a CAT scan.

wiggle me border choices scanned by Boris

I will be happy with all and any suggestions to finish this, but meantime it is hanging in the wardrobe, for further attention after our Wellington visit.

To those who have asked, we  drive down on Sunday, Hugh’s spinal surgery is Monday afternoon, I will be at a motel across the street,  only 2 minutes walk. Norman will be here at our home, so the fires will be burning, cats will be fed, ( Joyce’s dept.) maybe even the lawn will get mown.I am so thankful for all  your wishes and caring thoughts. Our younger daughter is flying up from Dunedin on the Monday, so I will not be there by myself. , and older daughter is phoning every night. I am so thankful for them both, always, but specially right now. Family love is like no other. And when we live a fair distance away from each one, phone calls and emails, and comments on my blog or Facebook page are special. There is  Wifi where we are staying, so I hope to be able to post news as it happens.

And maybe some photos of Wellington,Mt Victoria, Te Papa, ( Museum of New Zealand), and naturally a quilt  fabric shop at least once!! And I am hoping to catch up with an old friend, from days at Lake Tarawera,  and June, from Junezscrapz  as well.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“Good things come to those who believe,

better things come to those who are patient,

and the best things come to those who don’t give up”

Greetings from Jean


Leeanne said...

looks great...........I can't make up my mind for the border, so I best leave it to you! Best wishes for hubby, nice you will have company and you are not staying far away to visit your beloved.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This quilt top is so lovely! You really whipped through that project. The rest will be a piece of cake.

You two are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you've got loved ones calling, to be with you and holding down the fort.

Love and hugs dearest Jean ~ FlowerLady

Out To Pasture said...

Your hearts must be increasing in tempo as surgery day approaches. I'll be thinking of Hugh and sending silent best wishes on Monday. Your daughters are wonderful to call upon in times of need. Regarding your quilt borders, they all look lovely, but my personal favourite is No. 1. Gosh, but Boris is one cute little guy!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Jean, I just love your quilt, it is beautiful. I am glad you will have one of your daughters there for you on Monday. And the other easily reachable with phone calls and the internet. I do hope you will keep us up to date on Hugh's surgery and progress. Some visits around Wellington sounds nice for you too, enjoy! I love the quote today, so true! Have a happy week ahead!

Georgia said...

My vote is for #5 the NZ fabric. (Of course if you don't want to use it you could just ship it off to me!lol) I love ferns on fabric. Love and prayers go with you and Hugh!

Kat said...

I hope that Hugh's surgery was successful and that you both were able to get some rest once it was done. I am sending you loads of Love and Ladybug Hugs from South Florida!! Your quilt is beautiful, I love those batiks. I think my favorite border fabrics are 1 and 4, due to the contrast against the blue. I'm sure whatever you pick will be beautiful!

Inger said...

I am so glad I came here in time to read this and to know when Hugh is having his surgery. I think of you both often, but it has been difficult to sit down and write. I will keep you both in my thoughts.

camp and cottage living said...

What an accomplishment in such a short time!
I have to say that my favorite is #6. I think because it has the white in it and it's different than all of the other colors. I do
like the other ladies suggestion of doing more scraps too along the border.
We will keep Hugh in our prayers. And early Happy B'Day to you!
We'll be thinking of you both.

Barb said...

How fun - everyone will pick a different border. I love the fern one and also the dark navy batik-looking one. They're all beautiful against your lovely wiggle quilt. I often think of you, Jean. I know you and Hugh must feel some anxiety, but it seems you'll have support from family and friends plus all of us around the world sending prayers and positive thoughts. Hugs from CO!

Carol Mattingly said...

OMG! What a project. My sister makes quilts and it astounds me as to how much patience it surely takes to do this. I have very little patience for sewing. Carol

TexWisGirl said...

the quilt looks really neat! good luck to you BOTH!!! prayers all will be well.

The Furry Gnome said...

Wouldn't dream of advising you on the quilt, but what you've done so far looks fabulous! I'll be thinking of you next week. Our memorial service for Will went well.

Here I Am Carrie said...

Hi Jean had to pop in to say hi here at your blog. I so love all the wonderful batiks you have used for this quilt. I have to add my 2cents worth on my opinion of the border. I think a lighter color solid border maybe light blue and then another outisde border of black or whatever the darkest color on the batiks are. It will tie it all together and make the designs really pop. But I am sure whatever you decide it is going to be beautiful as I so love everyone of the patterns and colors. I love your new kitten Boris. Nothing like some young blood to bring excitement to your home. I made a halter top 30 years ago in a pattern very similar to what Boris is sitting on with the blues and circular patterns. I always loved all those patterns and colors. I am heading back to town for another week of work on the old house Wednesday night so won't have internet again for while. But will have Hugh in my thoughts and prays. I am so glad you will have your daughters close to you for family comfort. Wanted to also wish you a happy 75th a little early. I do miss my friends from the internet, but just can't afford internet at 2 places. Even though I am barely on here at the ranch. I am so tired in the evenings. Anyways you will always have a special place in my heart. Happy quilting my dear friend. Hugs Carrie

Fundy Blue said...

I'm beyond impressed, Jean! what a lovely quilt. I suspect that your productivity is tied with keeping your mind occupied, so you don't worry as much about Hugh's upcoming spinal surgery. I liked choice three best, but any of them would work beautifully. I've been thinking about you and Hugh during my travels, and I will be thinking of you both in the upcoming days. The best things DO come to those who don't give up. You are hanging in there beautifully. There is nothing like a loving family for support. Sending you big hugs!

Jim said...

WOW! Beautiful! Now that is a great quilt, Jean. Good job indeed.
As to the colour for border.....I am sure whatever you choose will look wonderful.
Soon you both will be in Wellington. We will be thinking about you both and sending positive energy your way.....is there any other?

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Thanks for a mention! Your puss cat so cute. Bet you are glad you kept him. I, of course like
1st choice the purple with cats
2nd choice the blue on blue.
Fingers crossed for all of you for Monday. I'll hold you in my thoughts.