Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Short Holiday and Home Again

I am a calm sea, flat road, safe trip, kind of girl. I had already mentioned that  I would prefer to walk in most of the way.But maybe I should have shouted, instead of saying it in a quiet kind of way!!! So it should not have been a surprise when I said I would walk down the first difficult part of the track  in, it was steep and had very deep tracks. Well, it was all my fault, as the trailer was loaded allowing for my weight on the back of the quad.The trailer pushed the quad sideways, one rear wheel was a long way off the ground, and we could not lean on it enough to get it back again. Tracey could  see the next part of the track from the woolshed, and as dagging was on the day’s work list, Tracey was working hard.Her words “ Txt me when you get there”, so after we set off, she did one ewe, looked up at the track, did another, looked again, and so on, until she decided this ewe was the last and she was coming down to  see where we were and what had gone wrong.!!!. THEN, there we were, going up the next hill. Whew!! What a relief.   Dagging continued, without a need for a constant look out.now I know why  Tracey suggested a txt on arrival!!!
Yes, that is Hugh down the bottom, we had to unhook the trailer, and reload it.Not a good start!!!
And in the green grass on the far hill, that is where Tracey looked for us.
Hugh at the bottom of the first tracktrailer with stones to chock it on the hillThe track we should be on a bit earlier.
I did manage to get on again, but the white knuckles were there for a good part of the ride.View from the top

This is the view, and on a fine day is stunning.Produce from the land is shown in abundance. One mushroom was a meal all by itself.
One meal all by itself

The barren land of the Waiouru Army Camp, brown and dry in the summer, and frozen with ice or covered with snow in the winter.
Perfect to train the men in difficulty conditions.
Waiouru township below

There is a quad track in the centre of the grass, it winds down, around, and can be seen again at the top of then hill.
It goes a bit further and this is where Hugh stood on the rocky part.I am so glad we walked there that day.
Track in the  centre and far top middle

Hugh nearly at the end of the far track

Night sky at 1005 metres asl

Here is the night sky, looking to the west, from 1005 metres above sea level.
And here are the boots. just to show I did actually walk to the end of that track.
Just to prove I did walk the track

Back home, and that was our 50th Wedding Anniversary Holiday,flowers were delivered,
and there were many  memories of that day  those  years ago.

Flowers from Damien
50th Wedding Anniversary flowers

Quotation of the day, from  William  Shakespeare, sonnet 116
“ Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.
Love is not love when it alteration finds”
Cheers from Jean


Julie Fukuda said...

I'm thinking on my 50th I will try something a little tamer. (Like walking the dog to the park)

Nancy said...

Yikes! I would have walked, too.

When I lived on the farm, I had a four-wheel drive pickup to navigate the muddy and rut-riddled road, but I never took it to the mountain trails.

I'm usually fine if I am riding with someone on the trails, but don't ask me to drive them!

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Golden wedding. Big big congratulations. A milestone not often reached these days.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Julie, Nancy and Linda, yes a milestone not to be taken for granted. My Mum and Dad had their 40th, Hugh's Mum and Dad their 60th,I hope for our next big one we do not tramp, or quad anywhere!!!Maybe a few days at the Hilton,or a trip to Japan would be wonderful.I will start to sew seeds of my wishes very soon.They might need some years to germinate. Fond greetings from Jean.

Tanya said...

Wait a minute. Who's 50th wedding anniversary? Yours? You sure don't look like you are old enough to have been married 50 years! Congratulations!!!