Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 18 August 2012

A River running to the Sea

Today Hugh took me to Otaki,where there are so many Outlet Shops with great BARGAIN prices for all sorts of goodies. Some shopping, then further south we turned in to the left, about 16 km, to a place called Otaki Forks. This is where you can start a tramp to Field Hut, about 2.5 hours in good weather, it is 900m altitude. For a few weeks, well, several weeks, I have been wanting to try out the shutter release cable, a birthday present. But I wanted a stream/river, creek, with clear running  water. Here it is, in all its pristine clarity. The Otaki River.I still have many miles to travel before the running water is captured to its best, but for a beginner, I am happy.
Otaki River #2

Otaki River #6

Otaki River #5

This is Hugh on  the Waiotauru footbridge at the start of the track.I happily stayed on the stones and watched. A perfect day out.
Hugh on thge swing bridge at Otaki Forks

Quotation of the day, author unknown
“Running water is missed only when it runs dry”
Cheers from Jean


Gayle said...

What a wonderful day trip. Love your photos of the rushing water....something I never mastered (in fact, I haven't mastered anything in photography, but love taking photos). Love the quote...so true.

Susan Heather said...

Wonderful photos.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Gayle and Heather,I am still very much a learner.The Otaki Forks area has some short walks, long tramps, and more, so I hope to get more photos from near the river another time.But, I feel our blogs are not about great photos, unless you are a very accomplished photographer,( see some of the ones on my list today) they are of news and views,our lives and interests, family stuff ( for want of a better word)good times and sad, and we are all here for eachother.And I am so pleased, thrilled, excited and more when I get comments. Then today, Blogger disabled my blog, too much activity!!! I had to send a phone number, get a code, enter that, and there it was again.Quite scary, no blog, no Gmail, no account at all. And now I see somehow I am a member of my own blog, how did that happen??? Cheers.Jean

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great pictures! What a lovely place...good job with the camera.
Here its raining today but its ok, I have meeting today on our hunting team. Information to all members about the moose hunt starting on 8th Oct

FlowerLady said...

What a wonderful little river. So refreshing, and the still waters really soothing. Great photography.


Janet said...

Gorgeous water! I love how you've captured the clearness of the water and the rocks etc. beneath the water in the last water picture. Nice outing.

Nancy J said...

Yes, it was a truly great day, and apart from stumbling on the stones,enjoyed the photo challenge a lot. Cheers, Jean

Brian King said...

Those are gorgeous photos! That is my kind of place! I love streams and rivers. Wonderful shots!