Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 31 December 2012

Views from Home and Away, 2012

The year has been busy, exciting, happy challenging sad, frightening and more. I have so many new friends, new hopes for 2013, and new challenges ahead. These are some of my photos from this year, not favourites, or the best photo of the month, but ones that had a special meaning, or were taken at a special place.

Rangitoto Island, in the Hauraki Gulf, taken from St Heliers Beach. The dull grey morning, before the funeral of Hugh’s friend Ken Croskery. Clouds cleared, rain sped away, we gathered, tears fell,we  talked, met old friends, and remembered
  times together ,tinged with sadness,  some laughter, and happiness for his life and friendship with us and so many others. Unforgettable, irreplaceable .Fond memories, Ken.
Rangitoto Island

Hugh and I stayed at a friend’s A Frame bach, high in the hills in the Central North Island. A haven of peace, quiet, and nature’s beauty.
Grass at high altitude

We had a holiday at Piropiro Flats, and some mornings were cold and foggy. This was the beginning of a photography challenge, with a new Canon 550D .
Sunlight showing

Evening sky at our home, Nature has beautiful colours.Evening sky at our place


Morning sky at Rotorua, during my wonderful days there with the family

Clouds above 

An old tree trunk toppled over in a storm, how many years was it standing tall and proud on the skyline?.
Old tree  trunk

Morning mist at our place, looking to the West
morning mist

The Otaki River, taken while trying to balance on the huge stones, too uneven to try and use a tripod. Slow shutter speed practice.Otaki River 


Wedding photos taken in our garden, one of the men quipped …” Do we we look girly enough?” The photo is cropped as I needed to ask permission before I posted the original.
Do I look girly enough 2


 The last tulip, after heavy rain.
last pink tulip 


Tutaenui Stream on our boundary,The colours seemed to be like a watercolour from one of the Great Artists.
stream colours 

Early morning,December 25th, a moment to reflect
Early Morning 25th December 2012 

Quotation for the year, from Ralph Waldo Emerson,
“ To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same field, it beholds,every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never be seen again”
New Year Greetings to all from Jean


Janet said...

So many beautiful photos of a mystical and beautiful land. I hope there are many more in the new year.

Michaele said...

Oh you really must make a calender from these : ) Happy 2013 to you and yours.

Nancy J said...

Hi Janet and Michaele, you were both very fast to read this,I had posted it, but the font went haywire and was too small, so had to redo it all.Yes, a year gone by, I have new friends all over,have achieved some things I wanted to do, others still to be started or finished, At least one new big challenge for 2013, among others that Hugh has on his list. May he get to realise his dream, with me tagging along. Greetings for 2013 from Jean.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Beautiful Jean!
Happy New Year! Hope 2013 will give you health, peace and love.

Susan Heather said...

Lovely photos of your year. May 2013 give you all that you hope for.

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos Jean, you have a great eye for these lovely views.
May 2013 be a better year for you both after those health scares.

Kat said...

What lovely photos, my friend, and a great way to remember this year. I know there were some difficult times, but your photographs show all the beauty the year brought, as well.

Wishing you and Hugh (and your entire family) a Happy, Healthy and Fun New Year!

With love and ladybug hugs from South Florida, USA....
~ Kat

Nancy J said...

Lindsjo, Susan, Jenny and Kat, thank you all for lovely words, from your heart. New Year Greetings to you all, N,S,E, or W,stay safe, keep warm, or cool, where you might be,and I thank you, each one, for our wonderful friendship this last year.May 2013 be happy for us all, whatever life might bring. Fond greetings to all, from Jean.

Brit said...

It is nice and somethimes sad to look back on ones photos : a year goes by so quikly :)
Happy new year to you and your family

Nancy J said...

Yes Brit, happy and sad to reflect on a whole year, but good to look forward to new things to do, places to go, and photos to take.Happy New Year to you and yours, with maybe many days yet of cold and snow. Greetings from Jean

Lindsjö taxar said...

hi! Now it must be already 2013 at yours....
We have still 6 hours of 2012...
Hope you celebratet well

Gary said...

Happy New Year from Boom & Gary of the cold Vermilon River, Canada.

Nancy J said...

Hi Lindsjo and Gary, yes we are well and truly into 2013, at 9 a.m. Dull, grey, cloudy and drizzle, so no special sunrise. I still am and always will be thrilled to see photos of the North, snow, birds, wildlife, and both your dogs. Boomer, take care, Gary, keep warm, Lindsjo, happy hunting, and very fond greetings from Jean.

KB said...

Beautiful photos and a wonderful quote. I wish you happiness and health in the coming year. I'm grateful that we became friends in this past year.

Nancy J said...

KB, the same and so much more to you.Our friendship means so very much, and I say thankyou from my heart for your wishes.To you, health and happiness to you and Runner, for Shyla and R, happy days in your beautiful mountain areas, for K, let her spirit be wherever you are , always. Fond greetings, Jean.

Barb said...

Fond remembrances in your photos, Jean. I'm glad to hear you and Hugh are both doing well. We're fine here in CO, too - will ski tomorrow morning into the New Year. Happy 2013!

Nancy J said...

Barb, ski the year in, enjoy, keep well,warm and happy in whatever you do.I check your weather every so often, it looks very cold!! Cheers from Jean, and Happy 2013 to you and yours.

greenthumb said...

Hi I just found your lovely Blog, Happy New Year to you. I like the way you have looked back over the year, great photos.

Tanya said...

Loved your idea of a year in pictures, month by month. Just beautiful!

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Oh Jean I so love this blog. The photos for each month seem to have something special about each one. Hope this new year brings only joy and good memories fill with lots of wonderful photos.