Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 22 September 2014

Around the World Blog Hop


Sunrise and sunset at our place, but the same sun is the one you see at your place, no matter where you are in the world.

Morning sunrise in Januarysunset August 25th 2014

        And, unless one of my wonderful blog friends accepts the

“Open invitation to be the next hopper!!”

this is where the hop stops. I know  how busy we all are, and understand why you cannot participate, but if you could even do a small hop,I would be so happy. There are some questions to answer, or if you really do not like the ones listed, make up your own.

Kathy from  http://andladybughugs.blogspot.co.nz/ invited me to be  on the blog hop. Kathy is the most loving, caring generous soul, and with a maiden name of “Valentine” truly so, she quilts, sews,  and more for friends, family, specially those who have had sadness in their lives. I “met” Kathy when  she posted about  the New York 200 mile running relay. She  flew from Florida to New York, and joined other women to be a team of 12 runners, taking part  in a run  through the Adirondack Mountains from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid. They were in 2 groups, and after the second group started news came back that Shelley, a young Mum had collapsed and passed away from a heart attack.  Total dismay and sadness, some went home to be with their families ( these ladies were from all over US), others comforted each other, then the decision was made to continue the run in honour of Shelley. To me, this was the ultimate in remembering a team-mate. Loves and ladybird hugs in huge amounts.

Kathy is a prolific quilter, and loves to write. I looked at some of her past posts, and see the one where she had photos of how to T pin a quilt, to backing, batting and more..
” Let the journey of a thousand pins begin”

So when Kathy invited me, I said yes, Then worried, I did not have many quilts to show, WIP, well,way to ashamed to say how many, so my hop will be about my camera and what I see through the lens.

#1… What am I working on??

Well, there is always the firewood, heaps of it, some still logs, some in rounds, and that ever growing pile. Not that this is creative, just a necessary task for next winter’s warmth.

Rounds cut and ready for splitting

The grain fascinates me, and I have a plan to make a table mat, printing the photo onto fabric, stitching, and Bingo, a place mat out of wood on fabric!!!

Inside the cut log

On the quilting side, a few stitcheries, that need to be backed for Christmas, a small quilt design wall in the shape of a table easel, and some blocks from  “ The Cloth Shop” Saturday sampler, last year I realised they needed more, so added some nearly matching fabric, and chose a deep blue for sashing and borders. Then a friend said the blue was too deep, and I needed a purple!!! So that is still very much in progress. And with my camera, the panorama application fascinates me, I am learning that slowly, taking the photos in landscape mode, stitching together, and making sure the tripod is level, the photos overlap by the required amount, and waiting for the finished pano to come up on my screen. Delight when it all fits together seamlessly.

These blocks have languished forlornly in a box, waiting for more to be added, the original 9 would not be enough, even with blue between, or purple, as a friend suggested was better than the deep bright blue.

Saturday sampler blocks  #2

Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Ruapehu, the group is in the Central Plateau, North Island, about 3 hours north of where we live.

Mt Tongariro,Mt Ngauruhoe, Mt Tongariro Panorama


This is very much a prototype, suitable for small pieces, or tiny blocks, but it stand firmly on the table, as it should. Card, covered with batting, then a pillowcase type with white flannelette on the outside, fabric on the inside, and a piece inserted to keep the ‘legs” staying where they should ,

“ Table easel design wall for tiny pieces”

table easel design wall #1

#2 How does my work differ from others of its genre??

I see everything through the lens now, and marvel that I didn’t see them this way sooner. The tiny daffodil bud, still tightly closed, skies so red, both morning and night, water rushing down a tiny stream, that I can PP to make it milky, start trails still a mystery to me, need one more accessory for that, and with my quilting, that is where the real HOP comes in, I have never been a stickler for a finish, and years ago my Dad gave me this… he was so right in knowing my tendency , and I think once in my life I have not procrastinated. I was secretary for a Pistol Shooting Club, and minutes had to be typed the next day ( or else the unreadable shorthand might be totally misinterpreted).So even now,I like small items, start and finish easily, and most will be for gifts for friends or family. So I do not have a “genre” as such, lots of small categories that vary a lot. 

Reflections on the Otaki River, lower North Island.

Reflections on the  Otaki River

Red, white and blue from our garden.

Red Alstromeria


White Winter Rose


Blue Grape Hyacinth

#3  Why do I create??

I have always enjoyed writing, and my family would say I write as I talk

“ A Lot”,

when I had a birthday for my 70th, they said “ Mum, you have 2 minutes, that’s all” and probably thought I wouldn’t say  everything  in that short time. I did. I love the written word, researching quotes, and seeing a photo I have played with, altered, or one SOOC ( Straight out of the camera) is a huge delight.And I find that using my laptop is so much easier than writing, the words seem to almost write themselves. Quilting, I do enjoy, but  the hardest part is selecting colours together. I look at other blogs, and marvel at the stunning quilts, bags, wall hangings and more, and wish I had started this years earlier.

#4 How does my creative or writing process work??

I take a photo or two or more, and then the words seem to fit around that, generally the photos are of our outdoor times, New Zealand  landscapes, or family pets, I am in for a huge challenge soon, our  granddaughter will be taking part in the Manawatu Pony Club National Showhunter Championships. Now this will be something I haven’t done at all, so some practise is very necessary for trials with shutter speeds, focus points and more.So my creativity will be tested to the extreme.

Taken at 1005 metres asl, from a friend’s farm, high up in the Central Plateau

Night sky at 1005 metres asl

Mount Tongariro, the most northern in the previous photo.

Ash  Plume from Mt Tongariro


Taken on one of our camping holidays, near Taumarunui, in the King Country, late afternoon at the end of summertime.

Late sunshine on the hills

I have always enjoyed numbers, research, and like the challenge of a quote to go with each post. I have 2 books of quotations, but that dear friend Google, is so much faster and has lots more to offer.

And I guess I learn so much from other blog friends, look at their WIP, finished quilts, their stunning photos, and this spurs me on to do and learn more. My blog friends have opened up my world, and from NZ, north to Alaska, down through US, over to Japan, and in Europe too, friendships have blossomed, not to forget those in NZ too. The photography forum “Ugly Hedgehog” is a source of inspiration, and also friendships. Just  yesterday  I “met” a fellow/fellowess hedgehog member, and from a comment, I feel I know her already.And this is how it has been with my blog, over the years.

For a few years, I have been so wanting to do a “ Diploma in Digital Photography”, an online course from Southern Institute of Technology, based in Invercargill. And each year, there have been so many obstacles in my way, Hugh’s Mum was living with us, Hugh had his heart attacks, he now has spinal problems, there have been so many out side jobs I now help with, but next year, this will be my creative work in process.


level:   5       Dates:   2015 intakes start 02 February, 30 March, 22 June, and 17 August

Applications close 21 days prior to the intake start date - please check the enrolment form for exact dates.    Intakes are 17 weeks long

SIT2LRN Distance Learning     Credits:   120


There, I have put my goal in writing, so this will spur me on to start and finish it, and of course the fees I have to pay are a huge incentive in this.

Now, friends and all who are reading this, here is the

DRUM ROLL………………….. tadatadatada!!!

“Open Invitation to Anyone At All”

who would like to be part of this. The questions can be  the same as mine or Kathy’s, or make your own. ideally, 2  friends will take up this challenge, and post their hop on 29th September. I would be so sorry to see the hop stop here. But I understand if it does.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ Know your own weaknesses, and your strengths, and use your ability with each , to make a life full of purpose and happiness”

Greetings from Jean


Leeanne said...

Like I was saying to you earlier, your photo's are dreamy! Love them. I have been enjoying watching your firewood gathering too.

TexWisGirl said...

printing that woodgrain onto fabric - marvelous idea! it is really beautiful. i love your photos and your beautiful country. good luck to your granddaughter! that's awesome!

Kat said...

Beautiful, my friend. Thank you for the very kind words and for joining this hop. So blessed to "know" you and to share in your life's journey through words and photographs. xoxo

Georgia said...

With great trepidation, dear Jean, I am considering taking up the challenge of becoming a participant in this Blog Hop.

Carol Mattingly said...

Drumroll and congrats to you for that goal set. Love these images. Your words inspire us all.

Nancy J said...

Thanks you all for lovely words, Kat, "kind words" were so true. and Georgia, you darling girl, I know you will have so much to choose from for your posting. Let the hop continue. Hugs to all, Jean. p.s. did anyone notice that this must be the LONGEST post I have done ever? Words galore, my girls would have some home truths about it for sure.

Georgia said...

I did notice the length of your post, but you had so much to share! I now realize that a hop to me brings us back to Florida. Maybe a couple of our friends in Japan should join?

Michaele said...

What a wonderful post. I have learned so much more about you and am now evenore in awe of you - if that is even possible.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I love that, Jean: to put your goal in text. It really helps.
Your mountains are amazing, truly!

KB Bear said...

It takes such courage to put a goal into writing and announce it! Way to go!

Absolutely lovely photos throughout this post...

Georgia said...

Jean, my email is: geanderson7@aol.com

I had posted it under your comment on my blog but I don't think you saw it.

Hope to hear from you soon. G.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I'm glad your latest appointment went well. It's so trying, isn't it. Especially when you meed dohdohs!

eileeninmd said...

I was sure I left a comment on this post, my bad.. I loved your photos. The sky shots are lovely.. The flowers and colors of your garden are beautiful. Working full and blogging can sometimes be hard to do, good luck with your new goals..I love the quote, thanks for sharing. Have a happy new week!