Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Monday, 15 September 2014

I Can Dream a Little, can’t I???


Copied from  Air New Zealand’s latest promotion. Dream on, girl, we would  need Business Premier, room to stretch out,lie down, have a sleep on the 12 hour flight, and more thinking of all those internal flights across US and Canada, from Alaska to Florida and all in-between.

But I can still dream a little.

Airfares ex Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch


AIRFARES - One way, internet price, per person from








Los Angeles                Economy Fare         $789

                              Premium Economy $1,599

                              Business Premier  $3,599






San Francisco          $789, $1,599, $3,599clip_image0015







Vancouver               $899, $1699, $ 3,699clip_image001[2]





Las Vegas                  $919,  $1,759,  $ 3,959








Chicago                     $ 1.069, $ 1,929, $ 4,459






New York             $ 1, 099, $2,059, $ 4,809








We are having a few days off firewood, Hugh had a short visit to hospital, with the dreaded  Gastroenteritis. However this was not the worst, his Blood Pressure dropped alarmingly, nurses and doctors rushing in, well, trying to look calm,  but walking so fast,  I knew they were concerned, not quite a panic, after all in ED I guess they are trained not to look panicky!!! and  you only run in cases of fire or haemorrhage. Drip line adjusted, and slowly it came up to still well below normal.Not one of them said very much at all. until things were  improving.

Dreadful, scary thoughts went through my mind, as I looked and saw my man so unwell.

Finally a decision made to keep him in overnight. I came home, and slept!!!

Today, the first day for over 3 days he has eaten anything, and looking lots better. I was not going to even write these words, but dear Jim reminded me that to  put it into words means we are better able to accept the situation.Thanks Jim.

All is well, sun is shining, the rain has stopped. and like in Pippa Passes, by Robert Browning.

    The year's at the spring
    And day's at the morn;
    Morning's at seven;
    The hillside's dew-pearled;
    The lark's on the wing;
    The snail's on the thorn:
    God's in His heaven—
    All's right with the world!


Greetings to all, Jean


TexWisGirl said...

so sorry for the scare! here's hoping jim is feeling better - and maybe you both needed a break from the wood!

Nancy J said...

Thanks Tex, Hugh is a little better today, and no firewood for some days, that makes me happy beyond words, a break is maybe what the Dr ordered, not in so many words, but thoughts. Jean.

Georgia said...

Honestly, Jean I wondered how in the world Hugh could cope with all of the activity after the past months of back and gastro etc. He sounds like my brother-in-law whose motto seems to be "I have to get it done and behind me" Relax and smell the spring flowers for a few days. Hugs, G

Leeanne said...

Wishing the man a speedy recovery!
And YES you can dream, I will join you in that dream!

Susan Heather said...

Sorry about your scare. Perhaps you should have had the break from firewood BEFORE it became a necessity.

Hope Hugh continues to improve. It is all so stressful.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Jean ~ I am so sorry you had such a scare but glad to hear Hugh is doing better.

Taking a break is sometimes a much needed thing in our lives.

Wishing you both well ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

eileeninmd said...

I am glad your Jim is feeling better. Surely these scares are stressful for you and him. Taking a break from the wood is a good idea.. Those airprices are crazy.. Wishing you and yours a happy day and week ahead!

Kat said...

I'm glad the sun is shining and the rain has stopped and that Hugh is feeling better. Another scare... I wish you both did not have so many. Would love to pick you up from the airport at any time, and show you to our guest room, should you ever decide to book a flight to South Florida! Sending love and ladybug hugs.

Carol Mattingly said...

Prayers go out to you guys. You have been through it of late and I'm sure it is wearing on you. Get some rest, eat lots of good food and keep up the spirits.

KB Bear said...

I'm so glad that Hugh is on the mend. I once landed in the hospital with a virus like that. My BP had dropped so far that I fainted...

Dream on! And, I hope that Hugh keeps mending.

camp and cottage living said...

My heart goes out to you...
You have been through the meal with Hughes health these last few months. How hard it must be for him.
I continue to pray for you both, my friend.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Prayers for your husband and for you........it is so hard to see the one you love not feeling well.

Terri said...

That's a scare- so glad Hugh is feeling better. Have a blessed week! (Oh, ps...those prices are crazy, but it doesn't hurt to dream at all..you never know!)

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I'm glad things settled down for you. I often think keeping them overnight is good to give us some rest! You two take it easy.

Gayle said...

I am so sorry Hugh is not well. What a strain that must be on you. I am sad that I have not been here for you all this time. I promise to do better.

How about those airfares! Cheaper for you to travel from New Zealand (Coach) to San Fran that for me from Alaska. I am so isolated from the rest of my country they charge us an arm and leg to get out of here! :)

Take care dear.