Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 5 April 2023

It must be time to post some news.

 Hello everyone wherever you are in the blog world.

Down here, the floods have left huge damage, bypass roads have been constructed, and today I heard on TV that some insurance claims might take until the end of the year to be settled. Guess none of the insurance people were in that dire situation, where they lost their home, vehicles, income from the land or buildings, and family members gone forever.

I have been sewing some batik bags, searched for a special pattern, went through so many boxes, then there it was in the box with all the batik yardage, under the scrap box.

I was recently a pattern tester for lovely Brianna over at Sew Cute and Quirky. She asked for testers for a new bag pattern, and after my previous experience with pattern testing, where the 7 or so of us world wide had to consult with each-other with problems, I had vowed NEVER to do this again.

Hop over to her site at quirkyb.com and see what other goodies are there. Wonderful patterns, helpful tutorials and more.

Luckily I was tempted beyond my will power. The pattern arrived, and I decided to make 2, in case I had any problems. NOT ONE hiccup at all, they went together like a dream, even a welted pocket, a new venture for me.The pattern was written so well, no adjustments needed, Brianna, you designed this in perfection. 

One bag has gone to a dear friend,her birthday was the 4th, and according to NZ Post, the parcel should have been delivered yesterday NZ time !!! I am still waiting for an update on delivery .We celebrate our birthdays a few months apart, but were both born in 1940, and next year, will get together and celebrate in big style 60 years of friendship.Starting in 1954 at Papakura High School. 

The second bag will also be a gift, just the right size for phone ,a few coins or notes, and a  double strap to go over your shoulder. 

This is the second bag.

Phone and charger all ready.This one was posted last week.

Autumn is here, mornings are colder, firewood is ready and we have had several fires, one or two kept going all night.

Quotation of the day, from myself to younger daughter in  1976!!!

I was told " Life isn't fair". My reply.

" Yes, and as you get older it is even less fair".

Greetings from Jean.


Susan Heather said...

What gorgeous bags. You are so talented. Yes, fires have just started here and two neighbours are stacking theirs as I write. Hope all is well with you and Hugh.

eileeninmd said...


The bags are beautiful, well done! It is sad to hear about the floods and all the damage. The quote is so true! Take care, have a wonderful day!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Those are great bags, so glad you were not affected by the storms. Happy sewing! Take care.

Marie Smith said...

Gorgeous bags that’s for sure!

Lori Skoog said...

I love both bags! You are such a master. Decades ago I was doing some batik work. Our weather has been very weird....may hit 73 degrees today, but by late afternoon it's going to get very stormy.

Sandra said...

I like the bags! I also admire your friendship of so many years, this is amazing. I'm still enjoying a fire in the evening.

Jenny said...

Lovely bags Jean. I really treasure the batik bag you made for me.

Jane said...

Hello Jean! Insurance claims always take forever. It's a sad thing for those that are waiting. Your bag turned out wonderful. I made a welted pocket before on a man's vest, but never a zippered one. The instructions are so confusing. Congratulations on learning another skill! Stay cozy!


Mystic Quilter said...

Love your choice of batiks for these bags Jean, batiks seem to cope with more wear and tear, certainly for something in use possibly every day, than our usual quilting cottons. Nice bag design too. Love the quote!!! Sorry I must have missed your last post!!!

Carol Mattingly Photography said...

So good to hear from you Jean. Glad all is well. I can't get over this weather anywhere in the world. There were 4 tornadoes last night within 50 miles of me. You appear to be sewing up a storm, sorry about the pun. Take care and talk to you soon. Carol

Our photos said...

Lovely bag and happy easter Jean.

Sharon - IN said...

What lovely bags, and so nice that the pattern was well written and easy to follow. I do like your selection of batiks for the bags. Nicely done! Its so sad to hear about the storms. On the bright side, congrats on that life long friendship!

Jenn Jilks said...

I hope your weather has sette down. Ours is just starting! It really has me discombobulated! xx

Tanya said...

Good to hear from you. Your bags are beautiful! Stay healthy over your winter!

Barwitzki said...

Now the wonderful bag will have reached your girlfriend...they are both wonderful.
It's great to receive such a nice gift.
Many greetings to you from Viola
We're celebrating Pentecost this weekend, Monday is a holiday for us.
Cooking and guests, I look forward.
hug to you.