Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Views from Home and Further Away

Sunrise at our placeHugh has a good eye for photo composition, and seems to find scenery  that is  so right on the day.

Here is one of his photos,taken at our place  on 6th May 2011. He used his Canon Powershot  G9, smaller than the 40D, but it always takes a perfect photo.
On the 21st June last year,  we went  North to the Kaimanawa Ranges, this  is the Waipakihi Stream,  taken with a Canon 40D.
Waipakihi Stream

There are good 4WD and quad  tracks to the top of the Tararua Range, and this day a group of cyclists  were out for some fun, and hard pedalling. A little further along ,the wind turbines dominate the skyline, providing power from nature,  a never ending source, the blades turn almost gracefully, and  in my opinion, make a quiet humming sound, are not an eyesore ,and in NZ we should be thankful the wind can be and is used this way.I think they stand tall, like signalmen, showing the traffic where to go.
Cyclists on the Tararua Range

Wind turbines on Tararua ranges
Quotation of the day, from Bob Dylan
“ The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind,
the answer is blowin’ in the wind”
Greetings from Jean


Jim said...

What a great area to visit and cycle! I too believe that wind turbines are 'the way to go' as far as generating power. We have a few in Nova Scotia as well with some people not wanting them 'in their backyards'! It only makes sense that if the health risks are kept to a minimum, wind turbines are and can be environmentally friendly and useful.

Brit said...

I hope that your problems with the pc and virusprogram are history soon :)
Hugh could have his own blog :))

Nancy J said...

Yes, wind power should in MHO ( my humble opinion) be used wherever it can,and the turbines are usually in a location or on land that will not be used for intensive farming. Brit, I will mention this to Hugh, he takes super photos, and I do not want to load my latest ones here,but might have to, just use a new folder.Greetings from Jean.