Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Two Planes and One Tulip

Today Hugh and I went to the RNZAF Base, Ohakea, as there was a display from  a Spitfire, PV 270, and a Grumman Avenger from WW2. The weather gods smiled sweetly, as if there was heavy rain or wind the display was to be cancelled. I was surprised to  see so few people there, plenty of parking spaces, no  waiting, and no wind or rain, this waited until we were home.While we waited for the gates to open at 10.30 a.m. a couple arrived, each with their own set of wheels, I introduced myself, handed the gentleman  one of my cards with my blog and email  details and asked permission to take and publish a photo. YES, they both agreed. His is the Can-Am, it looked very comfortable, and hers was the GoldWing, with “ Arctic Lady” , what a so suitable and perfect name, on the rear. The engines purred along very softly, and I am sure  the  3 wheelers gave a very comfortable ride.
 Can-am bike at OhakeaHonda Goldwing

The lady's name
The Grumman  Avenger is not a pretty plane, almost like a big insect with the wings folded down, I am told this is for easy storage, they take up a lot less room.Finally the engine was started. a throaty rumble and clouds of blue smoke. Then the wings were opened and shut several times. All good to go, Pilot and Co-Pilot easy to see in the clear canopy above their heads.
Grumman starting 1
Grumman wings down 2

Grumman starting 3

We are both sitting pretty up here
it was difficult to get any photos without the trees in the background, or the buildings.Then they were too far away.
runway 15
The Spitfire did not come out as far onto the runway approach and there were always buildings behind.Not a good place for a photo shoot, but after all that plane was there to show off its ability and that of the pilot when in the air.
Spitfire 12
The Spitfire did some loops, spirals, flying on the side, vertical, and  more. it was fast and even using the fast shutter speed was not easy to spot and get a good photo.They came in together, flying low .I took all these photos with my Canon 550D, 55-250 lens, varying settings as the light changed during the morning.
Spitfire overheadTogether 2
A great display, and as always, I found so many people helpful with camera suggestions, lens, shutter speed, ISO and more. One man had not recharged his batteries, so I have emailed him many photos. After all, that is what a blog, a quilting group or a photography site is about, help if you can,  ask if you need, watch what you say, and listen carefully.Hope you have your photos Sam, I have one more email to send.
The tulips are flowering at last, the second photo was taken with a Macro lens.
tulip 1tulip 3

Quotation of the day, from  Amelia Earhart
“ You haven’t seen a tree
 until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky”
Greetings from Jean


Cottage Tails said...

Sounds like a good day out.
I'm looking forward to when I grow up and can get a jazzy camera. I love reading what lens / setting you use.
Love Leanne

Nancy J said...

Thanks Leanne, there were some very helpful men (and ladies) who suggested settings that might be good in the grey sky.I would say I am truly " GrownUp" and quilting has taken a very sad second place lately,too many unfinished projects hidden away!!! Greetings from Jean.

Lindsjö taxar said...

How exciting day you had...great pictures

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day and got some great photos. Hard to believe your tulips are just coming out and my flower season has almost ended. I had a hard frost a few nights ago and killed all my marigolds and nasturtiums. But I planed lots of hardy stuff so the blooms are continuing in my pots. Have a wonderful week and keep the camera and quote going. Carrie

Nicky said...

What a wonderful day out ........ I do love your blog Jean, I never know what I will see each time you post! Always interesting, and I admire your photography skills.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Nicky, and in return, I so admire your embroidery.I always enjoy your blog with news from the farm ,the sewalongs, the stitcheries, we each in our own blog way, give someone else views from our own lives, and I know how much I do enjoy all the blogs on my list, and SO, SO, MUCH, enjoy a comment or two. Greetings from Jean.

Nancy J said...

Ta to Linsjo and Carrie, muchly. I so enjoy both your blogs and super, SUPER photos, from far away. Close ups that I marvel at, I have yet to photo a really close up that I am happy with. And yes, your blog arrivals are always a happy time when I read your latest news, and see the views. Greetings from Jean.

Gary said...

Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Gary, you have been added to my list,is your beautiful Boomer a Malamute?I will need to consult the Atlas again, geography was not a favourite in school years, but lately needs must,with more UHH friends I cannot be ignorant of new places. Greetings from Jean.

KB said...

What a gorgeous tulip. It must be a wonderful sight after a long winter. I am still pining after a macro lens. I never wrote about it but I dropped a very expensive lens right after K passed. It cost an arm and a leg to have it fixed so the macro will wait. I'll just enjoy your photos for now!

And the planes. What marvels they are!

Nancy J said...

KB, I try to be so careful when I change lenses, have them on a microfibre cloth, and never in the open if I can avoid it, But they are easy to lose your grip on, I can only imagine what that meant to you,so expensive to repair some say just buy a new one, might even be less money.The macro was by redemption, I had to send a copy of the sale docket, it is a 50mm, 1.5 feet, so by photographers' standards a fairly normal lens, nothing super-duper, but for me it is great at the moment.I have joined the Photography Forum. " Ugly Hedgehog" great place to be, and very helpful members .Fond greetings from Jean

Gayle said...

I like the Can-Am... it seems like it would be a road legal version of my 4-wheeler and might be fun. (I don't ride motorcycles and have no desire to).