Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 22 February 2013

Photo Competition, not even a Runner-Up


The Listener Photo Essay Competition results are online today, the winner is a professional photographer, Billie Win, who graduated from  The Photo  School at Raumati Beach.  You can see her website at


The runner up was Anna Jacobs, her story was about her grandmother who lost her home in the Christchurch earthquake in February 2011,This was done with sensitivity and a beautiful close-up of her dearest grandmother’s face.

This is an abridged form of my entry, with  photos not the same as entered,  as I understand these now  belong to the NZ Listener .

Entry photos had no title attached to them.

Some of the other entries can be seen at NZ Listener Photo Essay Gallery.

Summer’s work, Winter’s Comfort.

The tree's beginning Harness for safety

This is real man's work Just the stump sitting, sap running

Waiting to dry


Poppy ,  with healing winter warmth

I  was  happy with my entry, it took time, serious thought, careful selection and some editing, ( it was suggested not to do much post-processing)  , it has been  a good lesson in what judges are looking for,  and I hope if they run the competition next year, to enter again.

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

“ Do not limit your challenges, but challenge your limits, Achievement is born from  your dreams, your desire, and your vision”

Greetings from Jean


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I like your entry. After the title,the photos speak for themselves .

Great quote.

Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

Nancy J said...

Thanks Lorraine, It was a challenge, and the runner up, her entry was, in my opinion, the best.These photos are not the ones entered but very similar. Cheers from Jean.

Julie Fukuda said...

I really like your photo selection down to the last picture. The quote is great too!

Brit said...

I also liked your entry :) It is alway difficul to win in photocontests since it is so hard to compare : not like time and meters as in sports. Great quote too :) / Brit

MandaBurms said...

Glad you had fun entering the competition. Love your quote! So true.
Love Leanne

Gayle said...

The best part is that you took the time to enter. That's a very brave thing to do... and does take time. Many of us have "intentions" we never follow through with.

Judith said...

Like Gayle, I salute you for entering. I love your photo-story. I don't get The Listener anymore, so I didn't know about the competition.

Michaele said...

Well you are a winner in my book!

Kat said...

I happen to think your photos (all of them!) are wonderful. You're first place on my list :-).

Nancy J said...

Thank you all,so very much... for lovely words. Even to enter took some courage, I deliberated, and left sending it, online, till the second to last day.But I might start to enter the weekly challenge with " Digital Photography School" and the Ugly Hedgehog Forum, and make myself look closer at details.Hopefully get some good pics while we are away, leave next Wednesday, but have people staying here to look after house, garden and cats!!! Greetings from Jean.

Susan Heather said...

Well done on entering - love your theme.

Jenny said...

Lovely photos Jean.
It was a learning curve, no doubt, and one would not be sure what the judges were looking for.
But we (your readers) are proud as punch for you.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Susan and Jenny, good lessons in life and competitions are not wasted, and I am thrilled with your words. Praise at any age is good, but at MY AGE !!!, well, such a thrill, and in the end, I was happy with my entry, and am thrilled for the winner, and specially the runner up. Greetings to all from Jean

Carol Mattingly said...

I loved your images. Not to worry. Next year give it another try. That's philosophy. Talk to ou soon Jean, Carol.

Nancy J said...

Carol, those words from you, so true. And, at least, I didn't get a "rejection notification" if indeed they do that, so maybe a good start to next year's attempt to try again.. And thanks for lovely words, Cheers from Jean.

Val said...

Greetings Jean, I can so relate to this wood gathering. We heat our house with wood too. No cats here, but the dogs enjoy the warm of the wood stove. I am grateful that my hubby doesn't have to climb the trees like the guys in your shot--wow, I would have a heart attack watching.
Thanks for stopping by...hope you will pop over again.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Hi! Hope you will have good look with the competition.
We heat with mountin heat?? Hmm what is it called....They drilled 115 m down and we got warming from there.

sophie...^5 said...

Photo contests can be hit or miss...just keep at it Jean...one of these days...you'll be getting an e-mail saying you are the winner.


Nancy J said...

Thanks Ron and Sophie, I was glad I entered, good experience, hope you are coping with cold feet in that snow Sophie. Take care, Cheers from Jean.

Jim said...

Jean, good that you entered this year! This was just a 'warm up' for you. Watch out next year. LOVED the last photo of the cat by the stove...the result of all that woo-cutting.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...
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