Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Friday, 1 February 2013

Sir Paul Holmes, Veteran Broadcaster


Sir Paul Holmes,  on 16th January, 2013,

Knight Companion of the NZ Order of Merit

Investiture at Sir Paul and Lady Holmes’  Hawkes Bay lodge .

( Photo courtesy of the Internet)

Sir  Paul Holmes, 2013 


This morning, 1st February, 2013,  Sir Paul Holmes died at  their home in Hawkes Bay, with family by his side.

Deepest sympathy to Lady Deborah, Millie, Reuben, and his brother Ken.

Tributes are many, touching words, humour,sadness, and acknowledgement of a great man who was not afraid to speak his mind.

Unforgettable, irreplaceable.

Po Atarau, Now is The Hour, a fitting song , as  we in New Zealand and many others around the world  farewell Sir Paul.

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Quotation of the day by Karle Wilson Baker

“ Courage is fear that has said its prayers”

Greetings  from Jean


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I was reading about him today. He was truly a fine man who brought to New Zealand Broadcasting a manner that is true and frank. He will certainly be missed by all. My thoughts are with his family and friends at what I know is a sad time...

Susan Heather said...

I've only just got in from a walk and hadn't heard that he had died. As you say, a fine man. R.I.P.

Nancy J said...

Thank you Kim and Susan. I am sure that all round the world, the news will have been broadcast, and in return for his many, many words on radio and TV, these will be returned for him in full. Cheers, Jean.

KB said...

So very sad.

I do love your quote.

Nancy J said...

Yes KB, the quote could apply to everything we encounter.He had one final interview a few days after his investiture, which had been arranged much earlier than the usual date.Open, frank, told it how it was.Cartoons in the newspapers today are so good, I hope I can copy and post.Greetings from Jean

Michaele said...

You can tell so much by his photo. What a wonderful man he must have been. Sorry for your loss.