Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Temporary Tent Accommodation


The first time we camped at Piropiro Flats, Hugh left the medium sized tent at home!!!Not a good start to 10 days holiday. We managed but life was fraught with a struggle to fit in the small area at night, trying to keep mosquitoes out, trying to get dressed while still kneeling on the floor, and falling over guy ropes.The little orange tent might well be finding another home later this year. The blue tent is for a shower, privacy, keeping out of the cold wind, and tall, so I could stand up to get dressed!!

Small tent at Piropiro Flats

Last year we took a slightly larger tent, not really high, but OK, We had a cyclone, cold mornings, freezing fog, and met some lovely people there.This was when the wind and rain started.  White and purple, better than orange.


storm coming

This year we have the  LUXURY model, 3 rooms, all full standing height, separate bedroom, with mosquito netting on doors and windows.!!! Red and grey, we had a trial run and put it up on the back lawn. Very tempting for an afternoon snooze!!!

our tent

This is the centre room, storage area to the left, bedroom to the right.

middle room in tent


this is where I will lay my tired body at night, self inflating mattress, wool under blanket, fleece on top in case of those cold mornings.Cosy and comfortable!!!

bedroom in tent

This is the  Maramataha Suspension Bridge, 141 m long, one of the longest  in New Zealand, and made for access in the Pureora Forest Park, as part of the Cycle  Trail. Hugh wanted to see the finished construction, as when we were there last year, the supports were being cemented into place. I might watch from the side.

Maramataha Bridge 141m long

Quotation of the day, author  unknown

“  A tent is not a good place to have an argument,  have you ever tried to walk out and slam the flap shut!!!”

Greetings from Jean


Horst in Edmonton said...

Well Nancy, you are a braver soul than I am, I hate tents. They are cold damp and smelly. Not my idea of a good time.

Nancy J said...

Horst, I will try to be brave, the one thing I HATE is mice, so as long as it is waterproof, and no vermin can get in, I will be OK ( will do my very best to be).It shouldn't be cold, full tent inner and good fly over it all, plenty of mesh windows and doors. My post-holiday post ( pun not intended) will tell the final chapter. Cheers, Jean

Janet said...

Tenting at 71! What an inspiration. I love the three room tent. I'll have to show it to hubby. I don't think I would like to cross that suspension bridge. It is beautiful though.

Nancy J said...

Yes Janet, I am hoping for a Gold Medal at the end of 3 weeks, and the bridge, I would find it so hard to walk on, even if to save a life. Two steps and I freeze!!! Thanks for your words, they inspire me to do my very best and try to enjoy the holiday!!! Cheers, Jean

Carol Mattingly said...

Oh my, that larger tent would have to be the I'd prefer also. The suspension I don't if I could walk it either. Carol

sophie...^5 said...

Your experimentations with tents lead you to this beautiful home away from home....what a lovely tent this is. We could handle that very easy...I can see Sophie in it now...where will I sleep tonight guys? Oh over here I guess...no over here! LOL
The suspension bridge would be OK for me but not Jim...he's wonky about heights...I'd hold his hand again!!


Kat said...

That bridge.... even the photograph makes me nervous! :-)

It looks like you will have very spacious, dry and mouse-free accommodations. Have a wonderful time!!

Nancy J said...

Thanks Cacol, Sophie and Kat,the bridge will sadly be without my dainty feet stepping onto its boards, I watched a video posted by a cycle group, it didn't seem to sway, but I'm not giving it a test.The tent, I'm happy with the size and vermin-proof floor and doors. Time will tell if I really enjoy it all!!! Cheers from Jean

Lindsjö taxar said...

Nice tents you have with many rooms....but that bridge.....puhhh I would never walk there

Barb said...

You have a palatial tent, Jean! Bob hates to camp, but when I go with my girlfriends, two of us are jammed into a very small space! I try to get my tiniest friend as my tent-mate! Will look forward to your photos and the tale of your tenting experiences.If Hugh snores, you can just move to another room!

Nancy J said...

Barb, all I will have to do is move my self-inflating mattress, pillow and headlight, and Bingo!!Lindsjo, the bridge will not see me walking onto it ever!!! Cheers from Jean.

KB said...

Oh my goodness, just seeing that bridge in a photo makes my palms sweat. But your tent is lovely. It's so big that I know that you'll be very comfy!

Kate said...

Such luxury accommodation, why that is 4 stars in the tenting world. My biggest problem with tenting is that it is a long way back up in the morning.
Enjoy your trip.

Tanya said...

We camped out a couple of times when the kids were little but these days even sleeping on the futon (an every night occurrence) is roughing it for me. I don't think my bod would be able to deal with an inflatable mattress anymore!

Gayle said...

Seeing your tent makes me want to go camping. We only went one time last summer...and that was the first time in 8 years. I hope to take more adventures this summer, but can never seem to leave my gardens.