Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Our Thrush Bird


For some days, this Thrush has been on the lawn, the seat, and in the trees, and waits for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. She( I think it might be a lady, she is very patient and polite!!) waits for the bread to be thrown out, takes one piece and hops away, to eat in private.  She has one wing that droops, and she spends a lot of time preening it, pecking under it, but she can fly well.

I look and wonder what happened to her, and have to reassure myself that  she is a survivor.

I am just sitting

What happened to your wing 

Cleaning time

Cleaning time

This is my good wing

This is my good wing

I am ready to fly away

Ready to fly

Quotation of the day  from Victor Hugo

“ Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her,

still she sings away  all the same, knowing she has wings”

Greetings from Jean


FlowerLady said...

Great photos of a cute little bird.

Wonderful quote too.


Julie Fukuda said...

Drooping wing considered, she seems to have things figured out. Lovely pictures.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm glad she's surviving, thanks to your help too!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Susan Heather said...

Great photos - I just love thrushes (in fact all birds.

Trying to figure out what the wooden "thing" is behind her - is it part of an old rocking horse??

Nancy J said...

Susan, that is a bird feeder that sits on an old shovel or fork handle, but is propped upright for now.I had to wait till she sat in front of it to get a better photo.I will prop it up and show how it is used. We have starlings, too fast to photo, blackbirds, sparrows, and others all gathering dry grass for their nests, or feed for the babies. Cheers,Jean.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Hi! Great serie of a qute bird....great capture

Barb said...

A sweet visitor. I really like the quote too.

Jim said...

Your thrush, Jean, looks like our juvenile Robin.
I am sure your 'nurturing' has improved its chances of survival.
Have a wonderful weekend and regards to Hugh.

Nancy J said...

" My thrush" seems to be fine, and she does get worms, and flies well, so the crooked wing is not a major problem.But I have always favoured the underdog so to speak, so make sure she does get her portion of breadcrumbs. All OK here, busy outside, thanks Jim, I have passed on your regards,Hugh says " Many Thanks" and this is to you and all others as well,your words and good wishes and much more are so appreciated. Greetings from Jean

Brian King said...

Great shots! I love the spotted front and the eye ring! Beautiful bird!

Nancy J said...

Brian, that is praise indeed!! I used the telephoto lens, and balanced it on the weather station,but a tripod would be so much better, I thought she would fly away too soon.Maybe next time.Thank you so much. Greetings from Jean.

KB said...

I adore thrushes but all of ours are very reclusive. You captured some gorgeous images of yours. Does she have a pretty song? We have a Hermit Thrush who summers here, and the song is hauntingly beautiful.

I love your quote. It is perfect for you and for us.