Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ruffled Red, Unruffled Baby ,and Afternoon Sunlight

The Red,Red Poppy
We have had red poppies in our garden for several years, this year they are very ruffled, and so weighty, the stems droop very low.
red ruffles
Baby birds have been chirping for some days, but are usually hidden.Today there was one lonely blackbird baby on the back lawn.He/she was very vocal, I will edit the video tomorrow.
I am waiting for my Mum 
  I lay down on the grass and managed to get very,very,VERY close. The chick was not fazed at all… then with no time to go back to movie mode,
“ Along came The Cat”, Felicity walked up, got very close, like really personal, and finally after the wee chick seemed to peck her nose, she leapt away. the right place at the right time.
   Maybe a gentle pat would help How close can you goI think my nose was too close
The Felicity was off, just one glance to see if this had been real!!!
That's it for today
The late afternoon sun highlighted the Chestnut tree and  touched the taller trees,  ours are in shadow  on the left, the right hand side ones are across the streamLate afternoon sunlight
Quotation of the day, from Robert Louis Stevenson,
“ I will make you brooches and toys for your delight
Of bird-song at morning and star-shine at night”
Greetings from Jean


Brit said...

Så fint du har det med vår og sommer ! Her er det regn og tåke. Snøen og vinteren lar vente på seg ; og det er helt iorden for vinteren er lang nok / Brit

Nancy J said...

Brit, thanks for your comment, you will be into winter now with cold days and fog, I read. Keep warm, Cheers from Jean

FlowerLady said...

Your poppies are beautiful!

What great shots of the baby bird and Felicity. What a look on Felicity's face in that last picture.

Have a wonderful week Jean.


Jenny K. Lyon said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! Lovely shots of a most unexpected encounter.

Kat said...

Sure beautiful photos, as always. What great timing to catch Felicity and the baby bird. Those pictures are once in a lifetime!

With Love and Ladybug Hugs,

Ashling said...

What remarkable photos...lucky chick that Felicity was intimidated by that peck. And I'd never heard that Stevenosn quote...great smile for the day!

Jim said...

I really like that riffled poppy Jean. Beautiful colour.
Now that is one lucky baby bird to have survived a cat's close encounter! Felicity must be a gentle soul.
And look at that wonderful chestnut tree! Magnificent!

Janet said...

My you have a gentle cat! My DOG would have chopped that bird in a second. Beautiful flowers.

Brian King said...

Beautiful flowers and I had to laugh at the cat! I've never seen a cat act like it was afraid of a bird. LOL

Julie Fukuda said...

What a great opportunity to catch all that on film. Very funny!

MandaBurms said...

Felicity oh my how was she able to resist such temptation. You must be thrilled at the photo touching noses.
Stunning poppies!
I'll have to check if our cabbage trees are flowering we haven't noticed them.

Love Leanne

Nancy J said...

Thank you all for comments. I was so lucky to be there, very uncomfortable lying on the grass, but never mind, it was worth it. I still cannot believe Felicity was so gentle, about half an hour after this she went up again, and this time really wanted to play, rolled over, paw out-stretched. No camera ready so I missed the second half. yes, poppies galore, when we lived at Katikati we had some the same , and someone/anyone/ a burglar/thief!!! came right to the back door at 1 a.m. and pulled the plants right out of the ground, leaving a red trail of petals across the lawn!!I'm sure there isn't any opium in this type. Cheers from Jean.

Gayle said...

Can't believe the cat didn't eat the bird! You have miles of lawn...my children would love to play soccer there. I love the red poppy and maybe that would be a nice addition to my garden. It seems I mostly grown pinks.

Barb said...

What great photos of the kitty and bird encounter. Your post made me smile, Jean. Hope you aren't working too hard. I know you're trying to take up the slack. Hope Hugh is improving every day. It takes awhile to mend. I send good thoughts to you. My best friend landed in Auckland today - she and her husband will fly to the S Island and will stay in Wanaka for 4 months.

Nancy J said...

Hi Gayle, we have had a young boy do some cricket practice there at the front. I was so glad he hit straight and nothing came through the window. Barb, yes all so true, daylight hours are not long enough, or I am too tired, or the workload is too big. Never mind, we have so much to be so thankful for, and another month or so Hugh should be improving even more.I sent an email with our contact details for your friends if they need anyone down here,Wanaka, beautiful place, lovely lake, mountains and super scenery. Cheers from Jean

Here I Am/Carrie said...

I can't believe that cat did not go after the bird. What cute photos of them nose to nose. What a beautiful chestnut tree. We have one we planted in the middle of our yard, but as the growing conditions here are slow it is only about 20 ft tall after 20 years. I had imagined having a big beautiful tree like the one in your photo by now. Don't think I will see it in my life time. Even to keep ours alive with woodpeckers constantly destroying parts of it.

Anonymous said...

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