Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Daily Chores and a Purple Framed Prize!!!


Life continues at  “ Snail’s Pace” here, Hugh is using crutches all the time, has physio appointments twice a week, continues with pain medication, more prescribed last Thursday.

I still look at the “ RED BEAST” aka Suzuki Quad, in the shed, and try not to be overwhelmed by its size, the narrow gap between it and the sides of the shed,  ( Hugh says I exaggerate!!)  , climb on and start it up!!! Instructions followed to the letter, so careful not to scratch, bump or leave any mark at all, it is his pride and joy.Firewood can be loaded onto the tray, both front and rear, saving me from trying to reverse with the small trailer behind. Those words “ If at first you don’t succeed” do not apply in this case, too many tries needed with no success at all  !!!

I am hoping we get the appointment to see an orthopaedic specialist very soon.

Meantime, daily chores, like laundry, housework, meals, and firewood continue.

Last week  Noel Leeming, a large department store nationwide,  ran a competition, prizes included 2 cameras, one a Nikon , one a Canon, and Samsung whitewear.  (A fridge-Freezer, a dishwasher and a washing machine). You had to send in a photo of your old appliance and a few words about it.

This is  our   spinner, for use when the power is off, we can run it off the generator.You have  to wash the clothes by hand, then put into the bowl, then spin out the dirty water, then rinse in another bucket, by hand, then spin again!!!  It is small, and very old. I entered this for Hugh.


My washing machine framed

My own  washing machine,  fill by bucket, empty water into a bucket,  very small  bowl, ( =  very small   loads),  a new one would be a dream come true.


I took the photo, entered it for Hugh, and  didn’t think about it after that. Next morning, watching the news on TV One, I hear his name, and there is our weather man Sam, announcing that Hugh had won a Samsung front loader washing machine.

Now all I need to do is get the manual, and make sure he knows how to use it!! Many thanks, Noel Leeming, and Breakfast at TVNZ

Here it is, framed in Purple, not sure why, maybe P for Purple matches P for Prize!!!

Samsung washer framed

My dear friend continues to bring “meals on wheels” last night was a delicious roast, all  beautifully arranged on a huge oval platter, cauli, broccoli and peas, roast potato, kumara and pumpkin, pork slices, and gravy in a packet. Heat and Eat!!! Delicious, and nectar for my  soul and tired body.

Other friends phone, email, txt.,  comment,  or send prayers, hugs and loving thoughts, all so appreciated.

If I do not comment on my favourite blogs, I am still reading all your news, I read of your  weather, approaching winter,  first snow falls, quilting news, family updates and more. I will resume my blog and comments when my days are easier.

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

You do not miss the water until the well runs dry”

Greetings from Jean


Georgia said...

Good job on driving the 'beast' and keeping things ticking over there. What a lovely surprise to win the washer. It looks like a beauty! Glad you have someone who brings food. That can be so encouraging. Wish I could be there to help, but must be content to send love and prayers and hugs.

Nancy J said...

Georgia, long distance messages of love and support mean so much, thank you from my heart. Jean.

KB said...

What a wonderful surprise to win the washing machine. I am so happy for that ray of sunshine in your life. I am also thankful for your friends and their meals on wheels. I hope that Hugh gets an appt with a doc very very soon. Thinking of you.

Susan Heather said...

Well done on winning the washing machine. I do hope things improve there soon. At least your lovely friend is delivering you "meals on wheels" they sound delicious.

Love and a hug. Sue

Laurie said...

Wheee!! I heard it on TVNZ but did not realize it was Your Hugh.... fantastic Jean, nice to know someone who has won something on these programmes.
Jean .. I have just put the van on the road if there is anything I can do to help in anyway give me a call, I can cook, hump stuff and mow grass and turn my hand to most things ..hugs x

Carol Mattingly said...

That roast oinds delicious. Please take good of each other. What is that saying.....this to shall pass. My best, Carol

Nancy J said...

Thank you all, yes this too shall pass, in good time, I am so thankful for all of my wonderful blog friends, your words are so reassuring and comforting. And when I woke him to say he had won a washer, he thought it was an email, I then said " You are on TV"!!! luckily the name and I didn't need to send in a photo of us both. Cheers from Jean.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Jean ~ Congrats on winning that wonderful front load washing machine. That's great!

You inspire me with your taking each day as it comes, learning to deal with the Red Beast, etc.

Love and hugs to you and Hugh ~ FlowerLady

Karen said...

Oh I'm glad you won a new washer, but don't get rid of the old spinner, it may still come in quite handy!

Sorry to hear that you and Hugh are still having so much difficulty. I hope you both get some relief soon.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

CONGRATS on your win!! I've no doubt it'll make things easier especially while Hugh continues to recover--Who knows maybe you'll even enjoy laundry! ...maybe! :-)

Nicky said...

You are doing a magnificent job of keeping the wheels turning Jean, it can't be easy. Congrats on the wonderful prize, great to hear it is going to someone as deserving as you!
Take care,
Nicky x

Michaele said...

You were sure to win with that enter! Congratulations. You have been on my mind. Thank you for the update.

Here I Am Carrie said...

What a great entry you came up with. I do hope you both are improving. My prayer and thoughts go out to both of you. I know you were impressed with our big motorhome. Well let me tell you it is old.... It a 1974 Kings Highway was top of the line in it's day. We don't dare drive it anymore farther then a 100 miles as parts are almost impossible to get for it. We have had it for 20 years now and is so much more comfortable then our tiny camper we had on the back of the truck. Anyway getting photos together for you. A little at a time. Seems I flint here then there barely getting much done anywhere. My poor house seems to be getting more cluttered and dirtier as time passes. I so hate cleaning anymore as it does such a number on my back. Take care