Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Days as They Are


I am never sure what a day will bring, and morning arrives far too early.Early for me has been about 5.30 or 6 a.m. but for some time  now it has begun  at 4.a.m. or so.Hugh wakes,  the crutches go clickety-clack up the hall, coffee is made and the fire lit. ( a fire in December, we are already starting to use next winter’s wood, so more trees will be felled very soon!!!)  And friends near us are also still having a fire,  they are struggling to find December is so cool !!!The last time we  visited the hospital I asked, very politely and quietly,  if they could replace these ones with some that do not click!! The nurse just looked at me, as if I had asked for diamonds!!! I’m sure she doesn’t listen to it all day!!! She gave Hugh a new set, and they both click now.

On a bright note… a very bright note,( not to mention  very expensive),… we went shopping on Monday, and Hugh has the Rolls Royce model of a Lazy-Boy chair.I tried to take a photo, but  with so many windows there was too much light. And, guess what, both Felicity and Ginger Boy have found it to be so  comfy. So you can sit, rock, recline,or sleep, Photo courtesy of the Internet.

Grand Courtland recliner

Some flowers taken in previous years to brighten the days of those further North, I see many of you have winter cold,  with snow falling as I write.

Golden Day Lily

First Day Lily October 2013

Bearded Iris Bud

Bearded  Iris Bud

Golden Lachenalia

Golden Lachenalia #1

Japanese Iris

Japanese iris framed

Apricot Day Lily

Apricot Day Lily

Deep Purple Bearded Iris

Deep purple bearded Iris

Bletilla  Striata, delicate and dainty

Bletilla bulb October 2013

Quotation of the day by Doe Zantamata

“ Taking time to do nothing

often brings everything into perspective”

Greetings from Jean


eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous collection of photos..I think your hubby will enjoy that new lazyboy chair.. Have a happy day!

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous collection of photos..I think your hubby will enjoy that new lazyboy chair.. Have a happy day!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning Jean ~ My usual time to get up these days is 4. :-)

Can't you buy some rubber ends to fit over the crutch bottoms? Like you put on stools, etc.? It seems like they might help with the clicking noise. Just a thought.

That chair is fantastic and I'm sure Hugh thinks so too, he just has to share it.

Your flowers are lovely and would be such a joy to see in your gardens.

Happy Holidays to you both ~ FlowerLady

Linda said...

The recliner sounds quite comfortable, Jean, and your photos are lovely!

Inger said...

I'm happy everyone is enjoying the new chair. sorry about the clickety noise. Your flower pictures are gorgeous. Hope summer will arrive soon.

TexWisGirl said...

i'm sorry you're having such cool weather! i've had a few fires here in texas but that's EXPECTED at this time of year! laughed at the clicking crutches, but it's the little things that can drive us up a wall! :)

Georgia said...

I remember the day my dad came home from a two month (or was it three?) hospital stay to be ensconced in the new recliner chair in our living room. From that day forth there was always a recliner wherever dad lived. Fond memories. Keep warm, dear Jean.

Nancy J said...

Thanks all, the chair has been in constant use. The crutches, they do have rubber foot stoppers, the click is somewhere in the legs??? Other than taking them to pieces, and maybe not able to get them put together again, I live with it, At least this way I always know where Hugh is,,, Ha-ha. We put a huge fleece rug on the chair at night, so no cat fur gets there.. But it makes it extra cosy. Jean.

Nancy J said...

Wow, I see Blogger has a bug, and they are working to try and remove it, sorry if in the meantime you are not a robot and need to prove this. Jean.

Barb said...

I love seeing your flowers in December. I suggest a good pair of ear plugs! Hugh has a chariot to ride now - hope it helps relax his back.

Our photos said...

Very nice. I love the japanese iris !

Julie Fukuda said...

Nothing like having a comfy chair on hand. Wish I were sitting in it while enjoying your flower pictures.

KB Bear said...

Such lovely flowers! You warmed my heart. I hope that you and Hugh are perhaps feeling a little better. I think of you often.

I mentioned that I was sick. It's probably no big deal but I've had a GI bug since Sunday. And, I've lost 6 lbs in the 4 days since then. I am not feeling at all good but the docs sent me home with a pile of medicines that might help.

But that's nothing compared to what you've been through. Thinking of you both.

Michaele said...

Oh I am sure Hugh is enjoying his new throne. I hope you both are getting naps during the day. You deserve a new chair too.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Delicious flowers. Goodness, I forgot about stoking the fire. Yikes! Must run!!!!!

Allie said...

Hon you can try putting tennis balls on the ends of the crutches, just cut an x in them to fit onto the end - my aunt did that with her noisy walker. Or see if you can get some rubber stops for the ends. That would drive me nuts- well, it did drive me nuts when she woke me up with her walker, lol! I love the new recliner, I slept in one for about five years - with my bad back, I couldn't get comfortable lying flat. Thank goodness for memory foam mattresses, lol, now I sleep like a normal person again! Oddly enough, I always had a cat in mine too....:)