Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Anonymous Comments


To all the people who leave an  “ Anonymous” comment,please stop these comments. Believe me, I am not interested in any of the following…..

Viagra, Haemorrhoid cream,  LV Handbags, exercises,  help with your blog, help with my own blog,  leaving you a comment in return, or  visiting any of the  frivolous, crazy or disgusting sites  you might be coming from.

The comments vary from…...” Your  blog with some tweaks would make  my  blog stand out!!!”     “I visit  your blog every weekend for enjoyment,”      “You would benefit from my products, contact me for details”

“Will you tell me how to set up my blog so more people read it? You have lots of readers” . “Do you want more people to read your blog? I can make this happen”

Look at the steam coming from my ears, this is what happens  when I open my inbox, and there are more anonymous comments than ones from my friends . Comment moderation will continue . Your anonymous comment will not be published.                      

Clip art courtesy of the internet.


purple face

We have had some rain, grey clouds, a little blue sky, and the fires are both going right now. Comfort in the cheery red blaze in the firebox, warmth,and some photos from Hugh’s week away in Pureora Forest Park, staying with Bruce in his bus.

A foggy morning,  frost on  the ground, no doubt the fire was going to keep them cosy while having breakfast.

Morning shades Piropiro Flats morning warmth March 2012

The campsite taken from the top of the hill.I understand that it was called “ bush-bashing” as they made their way through thick scrub, gorse and blackberry to the vantage point.On their quads, naturally, way too hard for “foot-slogging”.

Piropiro camp from the hilltop

Bruce, the intrepid, fearless man,  you are guaranteed lots of fun when you go out with him  on  the forest tracks. They rode together, one following the other, thrills and some spills, I have not seen the video or heard the language yet, but understand it will need severe editing!! Lots of bruises, but no broken bones!!I’m glad I stayed home.

Bruce at the Top of the hill 

The top of the hill does not look very high, but it is a real hard climb through scrub and bush, not a real track at all. Well done, Bruce and Hugh, I am sure the trail you forged will be well used by many  others, thankful for your hard work.

framed, hill top at Piropiro Camp

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ The only job where you start at the top is when you dig a hole”

Greetings from Jean


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning Jean ~ I don't allow anonymous people to leave comments, which has stopped most of the 'spam'.

Here you are keeping warm and we are keeping cool as our summer is fast approaching.

Thanks for sharing your husbands camping adventure.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Nancy Claeys said...

Love the fog rolling off the hills Jean -- and glad you were able to eliminate those pesky anonymous commenters. :)

Georgia said...

Hi Jean, I am increasingly convinced that people are paid to seek out and place those thinly veiled advertisements for dodgy products, and not paid well either. For some reason my system catches most of them in the spam filter. It may or may not help to consign them to spam before deleting. NZ seems to have lots of "frontier" left for folks to explore. Glad Hugh is having a good week and glad you stayed home ;-)

Barb said...

Hi Jean, Love that frosty, foggy shot. Looks like it's getting chilly there. I'm in the desert soaking up some warmth. Hope you're making a dent on your household sorting.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great Pictures.
I have moderation because some idiot wrote comments about my hunting mixed with bad words

Nancy J said...

Hi to you all, yes moderation means I can delete the spam ones, but again today there was one, from a sport shoe site, and yes Georgia, I too am sure they get paid to comment.Barb, Hugh said there was a frost every morning, and with the fog, cold until about 10 a.m.Yes, I so enjoyed being at home, by myself, sorting and packing or disposing went well, meals when I wanted, some "me time" much needed.Greetings to you all as your days get so much warmer, Jean.

Nancy J said...

A few more words, the matching wooden boxes on each quad, holding all the necessary equipment for a day out on the trail, Hugh made his a few years ago, and made one for Bruce last year. Very handy, bolted on,lockable,level top to place that hot cup of coffee!! Great work Hugh.Cheers from Jean.

Susan Heather said...

Lovely photos once again Jean.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Susan, I see some of the odd comments go way back to May 2011, so surely they are getting paid for this. I wouldn't know unless I had started comment moderation, as I don't go to read my own blog that far back.. Hugh's pics this time, we have lovely autumn leaves falling now, the chestnut tree is golden. Cheers from Jean.

sophie...^5 said...

I understand completely your ire towards all those spammers. Jim and I were inundated with this garbage for some times until I noticed a post on The Run*A*Round Ranch with TexWisGirl. She was fed up with Word Verification because she comments on 100's of posts daily. I was trying to get my head around that fact firstly.
SO anyway, I read the bottom part of her rant and it was about Anonymous commenters. She doesn't allow them either. Hmmm, I thought well why not try it so we both followed her suggestion and we no longer get Anonymous things. Hallelujah!!

Here's her page link Click this Let me know what you think. The bottom of the page as I mentioned above where she says "I use 'Registered Users etc....is the part we were interested in. We actually got rid of Word Verification too.
So I hope this helps!

Love you pictures today!


Jim said...

Now I don't have ANY!! Just follow the steps Jean and PRESTO! GONE forever and never to return!!
Looks like Hugh is getting back to 'himself'....that's good to see. Recovery can be amazing.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Ron and Jim, I linked over to texwisgirl, and yes, have added her to my blog list. Comments, I hope they get the message, NONE will be published. I might change to registered users too. Have a great day up there, we have sunshine after some rain. Greetings, Jean.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I echo the thoughts from everyone about the anonymous comments. It stopped every single one of the comments and more.

I'm glad your husband enjoyed his trip and you enjoyed your weekend!!

Nancy J said...

Kim, this way none of the anonymous will ever get published. Yes, Hugh had a great time, more photos to come, and I so enjoyed time home alone.Cheers from Jean

TexWisGirl said...

hi there! i hope by your email it means you've set up your blog to accept comments from registered users - including open i.d. that stops all anonymous comments altogether as someone has to at least have a registered user name linked to an email to leave a comment.

i've just added you to my reader, too! so glad to know you! :)

TexWisGirl said...

p.s. you have such a beautiful profile photo!

Jenny said...

Yes indeed - when we first started blogging we were advised to moderate the comments. Good advice, you would be surprised (or perhaps you won't be) how much rubbish comes in. In fact, it's not just the anon ones which are bad, some sites take you straight to porn. So I don't publish a comment from anyone unknown, without checking them out first.

Janet said...

I hate to tell you Jean but those anonymous people don't actually read your blog and won't see your rant... Looks like some fun outdoors for the boys.

Nancy J said...

Thanks for all your words. Texwisgirl , that pic was taken a few years ago!!! I have changed from moderation to registered users and open i.d. Hooray, problem solved.Yes Janet, the video will tell the whole story, I have yet to edit it and see for myself. Cheers, Jean.

Gayle said...

I would love to 4-wheel there. I have one, but never ride out of the neighborhood as we only have one and it is no fun to go alone.

Nancy J said...

Gayle, I am editing the videos today, and yes, thrills and SPILLS, I'm so glad I stayed home. And yes, great fun with someone else. Vast areas, lots of tracks and bush, with clay that is so skiddy!! I am hoping to post a short video soon, Cheers from Jean.

Tanya said...

I feel for you daily as I have the same mess coming into my moderation section. It is such a hassle! But I know there are a few anonymous "friends" I have and I hate to strike them out... So I go through the daily hassle of checking the moderation box and deleting the spam. I have a feeling all that junk is computer generated anyway...