Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I am entitled to Brag, Installment #1


At the weekend our grandson was in the  Cateye Moonride 6 hour race at Rotorua.Their 3 person team, Connor, Lewis and Josh,  came 1st overall  in the 6 hour team race, and 1st in the junior 6 hour. Gold medals. WOW.. The track was very muddy and deteriorated as the day went on . This year it was held at  Waipa Mountain Bike Area, Rotorua. Photos from Annette’s phone/camera.

Danielle’s photos will be here tomorrow.

Clean gear at the start of the day

 Josh  riding framed

Mud and slush added to the excitement

Cateye Moonride mud framed

Gold medal time. Winning team in 6 hour event.

Prize giving medal time framed

Congratulations, Josh. Last year I was there to watch the race, this year photos tell a great tale.

Quotation of the day from Rishika Jain

“ In the race of life don’t  waste your energy and time

trying to compare with others;

Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes behind,

the race is long, and in the end it’s only with yourself.”

Greetings from Jean


TexWisGirl said...

wow, that is just AWESOME! 6 hours! brutal!

Jim said...

Congratulations to your grandson, Jean!! He looks very proud! And you have every right to brag!
I really like the quote and so appropriate for us all. Have a wonderful day Jean.

Val said...

Congrats to your grandson. Looks like it was an exciting race.
I've been outta the loop, preparing for our move and trying to keep up with all the chores on the farm while my hubby is gone. Never a dull moment. Happy Wednesday Jean.

Craig said...

Indeed you are entitled to brag Jean - what a wonderful achievement! You must be very proud of him!

Nancy J said...

Yes, we are so proud. Last year their team entered the 12 hour Cateye Moonride, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. this year , the 24 hour event was cancelled after very heavy rain.These are the moments for any grandparent to be so glad they can tell others !!!Permission granted for 2nd set today. Greetings to all, Jean.

Susan Heather said...

Well done Josh and the team - you are entitled to be proud.

Ashling said...

Brag away!!!!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great job he did!!

Gayle said...

What an athlete! They ride for six hours? Crazy good shape! Brag away! *G*

Nancy J said...

Cateye Moonride update. 102.6 km total, the 6 hour junior "winning team " biked 19 laps, shortest time just over 15 minutes,for one lap, total time for Josh,Connor and Lewis, 5 hours,47 minutes,39 seconds. Second place junior team did 18 laps.Each rider did either 1 or 2 laps, changed over at their own team site, a very well planned event.197 teams, either 6 or 12 hour, 56 individual male and female competitors, so lots and lots all on the same track at the same time. Survival of the fittest, strongest, and the determined.I have phoned and passed on all your praise and words, Josh says "Thank you so much." This is an annual event in Rotorua, and is called " iconic"!!! Greetings to all, and my thanks too, Jean.

sophie...^5 said...

Such an inspiring quote...very nice!

The race must have been rather exciting to watch. I have never witnessed one in real life, only on TV!

Definitely bragging time!