Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 27 May 2013

I stayed Home!!


The two men had a wonderful time at Piropiro this year, some thrills, some spills, lots of mud,slush, and tracks that were  narrow, difficult, and scary!! This is from  Hugh’s  Gopro Video camera, so has wider borders. Edited from a total of over 4 hours of film.

This  morning  the full moon slowly dipped behind the elm tree, signifying planting time. See Leanne’s blog for all the gen on when to plant and more.               Leanne's blog

Morning moon

One of our trees has these small cones, this one shone in the sunlight.

One tiny pine cone

The bridge over the Clutha River at Alexandra, Otago.

Bridge over the Clutha  River at Alexandra 

Weather details from Metservice, courtesy of the Internet.

  • Central Otago region forecast

    Alexandra Temperature

  • Today

    Scattered showers, falling as snow above 300 metres at first, but turning to snow at all levels this evening. Cold gusty southwesterlies.

    Issued: 3:19am 27 May

    5°C  High-5°C  Overnight

  • Tomorrow

    Scattered showers, with snow down to 200 metres at first, clearing in the afternoon. Cold southwesterlies easing.

    Issued: 3:19am 27 May

    3°C  High-3°C  Overnight

  • Wednesday 29

    Fine, with morning frosts. Light winds.

    Issued: 11:53pm 26 May

    8°C  High-4°C  Overnight

  • Will we be stocking up on Merino clothing, warm boots, hats and scarves??? I have  heard it is a “dry cold” and does not feel as cold as the same temperatures up here.

    One of the country roads in Otago, after days of heavy snowfalls. Even the 4WD vehicles were not able to get through the deep drifts, tractors to the rescue.

    Otago Snow framed

    Quotation of the day, author unknown

    Snow falling, silence early in the morning, whiteness everywhere”

    Greetings from Jean


    Horst in Edmonton said...

    Wow, didn't think I would see so much snow in your part of the world Jean. We have that stuff on the ground for at least 6 months of the year, sometimes long, like this year

    Barb said...

    Now you're posting photos of snow, too! I guess fall is over in some parts of NZ!

    TexWisGirl said...

    those temps sound cold right now as we're in almost summer mode here!

    Georgia said...

    Looks like winter is arriving for you. We are having upper 80 degrees for high temps all week. down to the upper 60's at night.

    Nancy J said...

    Thanks all, I did cheat a little, Well, a LOT, the snow pic was from august 2011, taken by another family member. But the temps, are today's ones. Yes Horst, your snow has lasted so much longer,Georgia, very warm for you,Barb, here at our own place we are still in Autumn,and Theresa, that is where we hope to go and live!! Maybe a little crazy I think.Our colours are deep this year.Greetings to all as you have warm days, Jean.

    Carol Mattingly said...

    Here's hoping for ashort winter for you and yours Jean!

    KB Bear said...

    It's so very odd to read about the other hemisphere where you are moving toward winter... I hope that you enjoyed your time staying home!

    Julie Fukuda said...

    That big round moon lit our campsite too. I happened to mention to the Cub Scouts that you could even see the rabbit pounding mochi. and one smarty replied, "that doesn't happen until fall"!