Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Saturday’s Updates


My many heartfelt thanks for all lovely comments, wishes for improvement, hugs,prayers and loving thoughts.

Slowly, slowly

I have left the walking stick in the cupboard, and have progressed from a slow shuffle to a slow walk, actually lifting up each foot, and can feel the floor under my feet, Scary stuff when there is no feeling, and the Doctor keeps saying,  “ Tell me when you feel anything”,  long silences until he prodded the other leg, then “ Yes, and Yes, and Yes again” then back to the bad side, and more silence.

The staff, Doctors, Nurses ( One lovely young lady from Southern Colorado), and all  other people there are so good,and gave  me the very best care I could wish for.And as always, St John Ambulance came to my rescue straight away.

No new photos for today, so I have dragged some   from the archives!!

In 2007, we went to a Quilt Show in Palmerston North,  all photos taken with my older Canon Ixus, so the focus and lighting is not the best. Some of my favourites.This venue displayed them to their very best, and inspired each of us to strive harder, enjoy others’ stunning quilting and handwork, and accept our own work at whatever level it may be. Sorry there are no personal details. This was in previous days well before my blog began.

Quilt show #3

The one below, if I recall correctly, also won the Bernina Award, if anyone was there, please correct me if this is wrong.

Best of show 2007


 Quilt show,2007

Quilt show 2007 #2

Quotation of the day,  from William Shakespeare

“ Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast”

Greetings from Jean


Horst in Edmonton said...

Wonderful Quilting, hope you recuperate very quickly. Just got out of hospital myself 2 weeks ago from Hip Replacement Surgery. Take care and have a great weekend.

Nancy J said...

Horst, we will both be a " bit slow" for a while, hip surgery is severe, and takes some time to recuperate, but I have friends who have managed to be almost back to normal very fast. Thanks for encouraging words, ditto to you from down under.I thought it might be a bit cool at your place, Google tells me 22C, and we are just over 16C!!! Have you had a frost yet? Take care, slow and steady will win the race? where to, goodness knows. Fond greetings from Jean

Susan Heather said...

Oh dear it still sounds bad. Hope you improve soon - Hugh as well.

Linda said...

Jean, such lovely quilting. I love the tortoise. Slow is fine, what is more important is that you heal well. Continuing prayers for you.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Nancy, not the weather here at the moment is very hot for us, yesterday we had 30C+, today we had 28C. we will have cooler days on Monday with rain. I don't mind the cooler days. No frost yet but it will come all to soon. Have a great weekend.

Jenny said...

So sorry to read that you are both a pair of "old crocks".

Get well soon, won't you.

Do you feel a bit like that lovely old slow-coach tortoise? They may be slow, but they live a long time.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Take care and recover well. Hugs!

Nancy J said...

Hi Jenny and Lindsjo, recovery is on track, just like the snow forecast for the far south. But, I WILL be fit and well, to watch the RACE at 8 a.m. Fire will be lit, coffee brewed, and will sit in very anxious anticipation. Longevity, something I hadn't thought about much lately Jenny. Cheers, Jean.

Margie said...

I am keeping you in my good thoughts that you keep getting better.
Wonderful to have such good care.

I enjoyed all these photos.
Thanks for sharing

Carol Mattingly said...

You and sister would be best buds as she quilts too. You keep improving and tell your hubby to do the same. Prayers for both of you.

KB Bear said...

Those are gorgeous. But, more than anything, I'm very glad that you are starting to improve. I didn't realize that you'd lost feeling. I hope that's returning soon.

I am thinking of you, sending healing thoughts your way.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

From my corner of the world I send healing energy and healthy thoughts. Take care, and glad you aren't rushing that recovery!

Nancy J said...

Hi to Margie, thanks for lovely caring thoughts, Kim for sending same from across the water,KB, healing is well on the way, feeling all back again, I know you understand only too well, and Carol, maybe I need to "meet" your sis and share some quilting stuff. Late Sunday, now and improvement going well. This morning with Team New Zealand nearly going over was all too scary, and I need to say my thoughts go to all in Colorado with the flooding, sending hugs to all in those areas. Greetings from Jean

Jim said...

Oh Jean, I hope things are improving somewhat for you. Give it time and rest as much as possible. I know that is easier to say than do for someone like yourself!
But do take care.
Lovely photos....look at that quilted Kimono!!

Nancy J said...

Jim, thanks for encouraging words. Progress is slow but steady!! Yes, the Kimono wall hanging was one that so appealed, huge amount of work and careful planning and stitching. Greetings to all, Jean. p.s. The Cup, another day tomorrow.