Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 30 April 2022

Anzac Day remembered in 2021


I saw this on Jocelyn's blog this morning,  you will find her here      ,     and wondered how I had missed seeing it here in new Zealand. Newfoundlanders were the only North Americans to fight with our New Zealanders and the Australians at Gallipoli. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment marks this event each year, and in 2021, the bands of both forces, one in Newfoundland , and one here in new Zealand, linked up together to make an outstanding  video. The piece is " Invercargill", a march composed by Alex Lithgow, and named after his home town , the most southern city here in NZ.

Here is the link to watch and listen to the combined bands perform. Modern  internet miracles transform our lives across the oceans. 

I had to swipe, then open the link,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7qXd_izbyw .

Photo courtesy of the Internet,  The New Zealand Army Band, taken at  forecourt of Parliament, Wellington, at the swearing  in ceremony of the Governor General Sir Jerry  Mateparae, 31st August 2011. 

And an image of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Band. Courtesy of the Internet.

Life continues slowly, no visitors, no going out, a walk to the mailbox is getting easier. and friends and family  continue to phone, and do a grocery shop for us. Day 6 yesterday, symptoms still lingering, but this morning I am hoping for a better day.  Hugh has been the main chef, and excelled himself each night with dinner served, pots rinsed, I am so thankful, grateful, and relieved that he has been able to do this, if left to me it might be a banana and yoghurt!!!!

And this morning, after 8 days ,  coffee actually tasted like it should, even though that delicious aroma was absent .

Quotation of the day, from Herbert Hoover ,

" Freedom is the open window through which pours 

the sunlight of the human spirit and  human dignity "

Greetings from Jean.



Nancy J said...

OOPS,!! The link to Jocelyn's blog vanished, you will find her on my blog list, at " Canadian Needle Nana "

Jenny said...

I am so pleased you are slowly improving. People who declare that getting Covid is nothing to be worried about are so wrong, guess it does affect people differently, but some really suffer. Keep on keeping on, rest up and I know you are very thankful to have friends do the shopping for you.

Marie Smith said...

I’m a Newfoundlander and was aware of this history. When Newfoundlanders came home from the war, they brought stories and songs with them which they had learned from their fellow soldiers. Those were passed down through the generations. When my husband and I visited Australia in 1998, we went on an outback campfire and cook-up with a sing-a-long. I knew the songs sung around that campfire and could sing along because of the songs brought back from Gallipoli by the Newfoundland soldiers so many years before.

Carol Mattingly Photography said...

Hang in there Jean and Hugh. This too shall pass. I am so glad it wasn't the original strain. That thing threw me for about 6 weeks. Carol

Our photos said...

I am glad to read it is (slowly) going better !

Lori Skoog said...

If you taste coffee, you are on the mend! Good news!

Jane said...

Glad to read that you are improving!