Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Girl’s Day Out


Saturday 12th January, 2013

It was decided that I needed a day out, no lawn mowing, no housework, just gentle rest, pampered care and relaxation.

The Silver Coach arrived at the given time, and I was  treated to   lovely  care, the scenic drive took me past familiar places, then we stopped, I could see that lovely farmland and Mt Ruapehu in the distance. Liquid refreshments would be available after I arrived at my destination, meantime I was offered other goodies. An escort vehicle assured me of  save travel in these busy holiday times.

After arrival, I was pampered, a private room, luxury bathroom, and staff hovered to make sure I was comfortable, happy and well looked after.

At 9 p.m., my coach turned into the pumpkin, and a quiet tactful suggestion was made that if I wanted to,  I might go home!!

Wanganui Ambulance Courtesy Internet

Name bands

My day started like any other, coffee, breakfast, a goodbye to the family, and some lawn mowing.However it deteriorated, to severe pain, sitting on the grass by the fence, barely able to walk. I waited a little while, shuffled/tottered/almost crawled inside, then rested on the bed,  Hugh , looking very worried, suggested we dial  111. He did, and the ambulance arrived about 20 minutes later. On route to Wanganui Hospital, they met with another, and “Jimmy” the lovely man from UK, administered pain relief and other medication. At the same time a traffic officer stopped to make sure all was OK, as the hazard lights were on. Wonderful care from all. IV line in,  X-Rays, chest and stomach, what were they looking for??? drip going, no,  you are definitely Nil By Mouth, till we find out what is wrong.

Two wrist bands, one for my name, and the other for  medication  allergies.

The diagnosis, nothing glamorous, a bowel almost to the impacted stage, dehydrated, so more fluid, and NOT ORAL… this time I suggested to Hugh he shuts his eyes, 30 minutes later, a very careful shuffle to the bathroom, “ No sudden  movements please” says the nurse!!! I tried not to laugh, and she had a wonderful smile!!!

Doctors prodding, gently, asking many questions, and finally at 8.30, some yoghurt, and if that stayed where it should, and the pain had not returned I could go home.  The magic hour of 9 p.m. clicked over,  off home, many thanks  to all.

This was not life threatening, but if  left untreated, would no doubt mean  complications and surgery. I was so lucky to avoid this.

Whanganui Hospital   E.D. has wonderful staff, each one, and I thank them all over again.

Our friend Kevin and his son  Andrew arrived, just after the ambulance did,  Diane a few minutes later, Diane saw the ambulance go past, then disappear, she knew it would have driven into our gate. The men  rushed over, working clothes and boots, no time to change ,   many ,many ,thanks, as they all thought Hugh was in trouble again, and were coming to help me.Friendship like this is so valued, beyond any words I can find.

And… if anyone/ someone in authority… ever asks a  friend why they are there, tell them straight!!! I didn’t hear the question, but would have replied…   “They are here, not because we asked. but because they are wonderful friends who  come when they think they are needed.” Kind words, a strong supporting arm, promises to look after Hugh,  I  could not ask for anything better.

Life continues, the cold water is there, fluids need to be taken regularly, a lovely request to please visit us  immediately if this happens again. I am  well , and hope to be this way for a long,long time.

Quotation of the day from Dodinsky

“ We are the captains of our own ships sailing the sea  of life,

but in times  of stormy weather, you will discover true friends

when they don’t hesitate to be a lighthouse”

Greetings from Jean


Susan Heather said...

So glad it all ended well. It is good to have such friends in times of need.

June said...

What a scary experience Jean, so glad all is well. Regards from June

Gayle said...

Oh my goodness young lady. You need to take care of yourself. No more vacations described as such. Tip top shape for my visit to see you... some day I pray that will happen. I so want to run (walk quickly? LOL) across that vast lawn and have you show me your gardens. Take care.

Nancy J said...

Thanks Susan, June and Gayle, so a good outcome, and friends, I value you all so very much. Gayle, I'm waiting for you to email dates for your arrival!!! Cheers from Jean.

MandaBurms said...

Oh my! I am pleased you are ok. S L O W down and look after yourself.

Love leanne

Julie Fukuda said...

I'm so glad everything came out fine in the end but if I needed a laugh, I sure got one. Please take care.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Jean ~ I am so glad you are back home, glad you were/are well taken care of. That certainly would have been scary. I had to laugh at what Julie said in the last comment, 'glad everything came out fine in the end'. If you have it where you are, drink prune juice every day and take some probiotics too, plus east yogurt and drink plenty of water.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Nancy J said...

Thanks Leanne, Julie and Lorraine, yes I too laughed at Julie's words, so true. I had a lovely email from a friend, she is slowly recovering from a very badly broken femur, and was on much pain medication, with its associated side effects. Quote"We both have problems in the evacuation department"..Basic everyday events can take on such significance when all does not go to plan!!! Greetings from Jean

Jenny said...

Well, your story had me fooled to start with - pampering indeed! What a worry for you all, and I'm pleased it turned out OK in the end. Do take care of yourself as well as taking care of Hugh. And you are right, it is so nice when friends and family help "because they want to".

Nancy J said...

Hi Jenny, pampered was what I got, so much. Yes, friends are so important, and when they come to help, should not be questioned. We have wonderful friends so close, I would not manage without them. Cheers, Jean.

Jim said...

Jean! You gave us a scare!! Phew! I am so happy you are doing fine now. Hey, that 'resort' sounded to be very thorough with excellent staff!
We were just reading yesterday about how important it is to drink at least a few glasses of water every day and most importantly, a glass before you go to bed!! Don't worry about having to get up in the middle of the night....it is very important to be hydrated before we go to bed.
So happy you are fine Jean. Keep that wonderful sense of humour....it is better than ant medication.

Nancy J said...

Hi Jim, the "holiday ",just for a day, was restful, if nothing else, morphine that ensures you float away, and yes, the water jug is in the fridge, lime juice just enough to flavour it, and plenty of it!!Humour and medication go hand in hand from now on.Thanks for your lovely words. from Jean.

Jenny K. Lyon said...

What a great story teller you are! I am glad you are better and received such excellent and immediate care! What a great sense of humor for your "girl's day out"!

Barb said...

Oh, my - JEAN! What a story. It had me skimming to get to the end. Thank goodness dehydration is thought to be the culprit. Yes, we must drink fluids - preferably water and remember to do so every couple hours throughout the day. Here is my water right beside me - I'll take a sip and you drink some, too. My cardiologist says "don't get dehydrated" - good for Hugh to remember,too. It's hot there and you really have to replace fluids. So sad that it wasn't actually a spa day!

Georgia said...

Jean, what an adventuress you are! I imagine, though, if you wanted a break from routine, Hugh would be able to think of some other activity for you - no need to come up with your own escapade! :-)

Nancy J said...

Thanks, Jenny, Barb and Georgia, yes ,I will hatch another plan a whole lot better next time. and yes, lots of water is the message from now on, I'm sure I dehydrated, and with hopes for something glamorous, the words " constipation" on the discharge paper did nothing for my self esteem. Barb, I'll let Hugh know, that is something he hasn't been advised of so far. Greetings from Jean

sophie...^5 said...

Please no more scares like that! At least you got some free drugs! De-hydration does the weirdest things to your body and you don`t even know that it`s de-hydration that`s causing it.
Sophie sends warm nudges and licks.


Carol Mattingly said...

Nancy, what a story. I am sp glad nothing extremely bd was going on. These things happen in life. I'm so glad you had such great friends to comfort you. Carol

Nancy J said...

Thanks Sophie and Carol, friends who care, too valuable to be priced. both ones nearby, those in NZ and my wonderful blogger friends, to you all, many thanks. I had hoped it would be something exciting, worthwhile news headlines, but a very basic normal everyday event , that went a little wrong. Carol, love all your photos, superb framing of the swan.
greetings from Jean

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Jean, I'm so sorry to read about what happened! However I'm so glad that you were very well cared for and had lots of help! I've found at times like this, just like you did, that having friends and lots of support is precious and invaluable! Take care of yourself!!

KB said...

I am so sorry to hear of your day gone awry. I'm glad that you're okay now but please please take good care of yourself. I am thinking of you.

Julie's words gave me a giggle too!

Nicky said...

Oh my goodness Jean, what a fright that must have been. Glad to hear you are OK, and that you were so well looked after too. Take care....... Nicky x

Nancy J said...

Kim, KB and Nicky, thank you all, I am always humbled, amazed, and yes, so reassured by all the lovely comments.Julie said it with very well chosen words!!!And our friends near us, they are wonderful, here in an instant, and my friends across the world, truly wonderful , I am so fortunate to have you all,instant caring from so many miles away.I hope for each of you ,in a time of need, you too have friends who will come . Greetings to all from Jean

Lindsjö taxar said...

Gosh...what are you doing? You have to take care......
Great you been taken care of so good,
Hugs from Sweden

Nancy J said...

Thanks so much Lindsjo, yes, I am being super careful, water in abundance, and no outside work for a few days yet!!! Greetings from Jean.

Tanya said...

I'm glad your story had a happy ending. When I saw the picture of the ambulance I was worried about your husband! Take care!