Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tree Felling and one Mauve Poppy


The poppy seeds have excelled even my wildest dreams, and have flourished in dry soil, wind and rain. One single mauve one stands out for its beautiful shaded colour

Mauve poppy  titled

The trees have waited for some time, growing taller, and today was their day for  a selected few  to be cut down. Baz and his right hand man William arrived, and quickly set themselves up with safety gear, ropes, wire strainer and more.

The gear

There was a  long thick rope, attached to a wire strainer, with William at the other end. This  pine tree  is almost ready to fall, and the noise is almost frightening when it hits the ground.

Tree on the lean 

Almost over

There are now 2 huge piles of lovely mulch,  the pine needles, some bark and some thin branches, it will all smother those weeds so well.

Mulch, waiting to be spread on the gardens 

The day continued with showers, some wind, and the  occasional heavy squall.

Firewood, winter comfort,  I can see those days arriving before we  have really experienced summertime.

Quotation of the day, an African Proverb

“ Chop your own firewood and it will warm you twice”

Greetings from Jean


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love the soft color of that poppy.

Now those are 'tall' trees. How nice to get free mulch for your gardens.

I like the quote for the day.

Hope your day is a lovely one.


Nancy J said...

Yes Lorraine, the one mauve one, so delicate. Tall trees, they make a huge sound when they hit the ground. Suddenly our mornings are darker, colder too, 7C at 6.30 a.m. , where has summer gone?? Greetings from Jean.

Barb said...

What very big trees! Glad you got someone else to handle the cutting and chipping! I've never seen that color of Poppy - lovely.

KB said...

Those are really big trees! Lots of firewood for this winter...

I love your poppies. I've had no luck growing poppies so I'll have to enjoy yours.

It sounds like you had a slower paced day, and I'm glad to hear that.

Susan Heather said...

I had another load of firewood delivered today and Harold, who I bought it from quoted that proverb.

Julie Fukuda said...

Quite an unusual poppy to me.
Are those trees to be used for firewood? (this is a woodcarver talking).

Nancy J said...

Yes, big trees, a huge noise as they fell, and Julie, they are for firewood, Hugh does a lot of woodwork, but likes Rimu, or Macrocarpa.We also have Bluegum, and Tasmanian Blackwood for firewood, as pine burns very fast.Cheers from Jean.

Lindsjö taxar said...

Hi ...Is those trees in your garden? Good you can use them then...
Hope you and Hugh are well.

Nancy J said...

Yes Lindsjo, the trees are our own, planted before we moved here, but as we fell, we replant. We are well, Hooray!!! Greetings from us both.

Carol Mattingly said...

That bloom. I yearn for Spring's glorious bounty of color.

Jim said...

Jean, if you wouldn't mind sending Baz and William this way when you are through with them....we could use their services around here. Let me see, from here I see about 6 Spruce trees that need to come down before the next hurricane does it for us!!

What a delicate Mauve colour on that Poppy. Hope you are having a lovely warm weekend.

Shirley Goodwin said...

What a beautiful poppy...and a very tall tree! Good to see that you're recycling the tree waste for the garden - very appropriate!