Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 4 January 2013

Autumn Falling, I need help.

autumn falling applique 1
Last week,  I think I blog-hopped,and somewhere there was this lovely free pattern. I downloaded it, but should have printed directly from the site. I cannot enlarge it, or the other pages.
NOW, I cannot find or remember where it was.
Can anyone please help?? It is called “ Autumn Falling”
Now, some Christmas gifts that I could not show earlier.
Rodrigo’s bag with sheep appliquéd front and back, the borders have cows, sheep and small farmyard scenes. He opened it here on Christmas morning, and the delight he had  with paper and ribbon took me back to many years ago when our family was  so little.
Rodrigo's sheep bag

A set of mug rugs, slightly larger than the usual,  for LaraineLaraine's mug rugs X.Lge size
A bag for Cushla, one of my new patterns, and guess what, her favourite colour
Cushla's bag
Peters bag, so suitable for laundry when you are away from home.Bungy cord drawstring with toggles to keep closed tight.
Peter's bag
This weekend a new friend has a birthday, and a surprise. Her husband is so thoughtful, and so very good at keeping his surprise a secret!!! This will be waiting for her when she comes back to Marton.
Bright golden yellow, outside pocket, bungy cords with toggles, and a contrasting base and top panels. Laundry/goodies/ or just to put STUFF in.!!!
Constanca's bag 007
Quotation of the day, author unknown
“ Drop your old bags  on  the doorstep,  at  the end of the year,
a new one will be waiting for you  on New Year’s Day.
Greetings from Jean


Allie said...

Got it - it's by Jenny of Elefantz, and the link is on this page.

Gorgeous gifts you made, hon, love that sheep!

Nancy J said...

Thanks so much Allie, I have looked and looked, and I thought that the tree was so lovely. Yes, Rodrigo is maybe a little young at 11 months old.., for a bag, but Mum and Dad were thrilled. Mum does beautiful sewing and more, see on my bloglist
Saidos da Concha, more pics of the little fellow too. I have always made gifts, mostly sewing or similar, and enjoy it a lot. Ta for the lovely words. Cheers from Jean

KB said...

I'm glad that Allie could help you.

You are such a talented woman, making all those precious gifts. I envy you.

I love your quote, as always.

Nancy J said...
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Lindsjö taxar said...

Really nice work you do. Hope you and your husband are well.

Gayle said...

Your bags are beautiful. Hopefully by next winter my sewing room will be done and I will get to create such useful gifts.