Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 11 May 2012

Saturday Sunshine on order

We have had all of the above in one day, with the sun getting to shine after 10 a.m. Forecast was for torrential rain, and it did rain, but not what I had expected.

Rain and more rain

sun just showing through

The two swan plants have lots of leaves, lovely seed pods, small,medium and large caterpillars,
one has looped itself into a “J”, and there are 3 chrysalis, with me hoping at least one will
show what is hidden inside, and the Monarch Butterfly will flex its wings, wait for them to dry,
and fly away to begin a new life.

Swan plant seed pod
Waiting to be transformed
When will I be out
This weekend  the “ Cateye Moonride” will take place at Tui Ridge Park, Hamurana, on private land for the first time in the race’s 16 year history. Over 2000 riders will take part in this event, which is raced,solo, or as a team, in  laps around a 7km track. The record set last year was for 42 laps, in the 24 hour time. This is the only 24 hour night ride in New Zealand, and “GUESS WHAT”
I will be there with camera, warm hat, and hope for some great photos. Our grandson will be a team member in the 12 hour event.
Cross country bikes are used,various models and makes, prices for these range from $1000, to $ 10,000 plus.
The photo below, courtesy of the internet,of a previous year’s race.
Cateye Moonride riders
Morning sky views from the deck
Morning sky

                     Quotation of the day, unknown,
“ Face each day with a brave heart, who  knows what is ahead”
Cheers  from Jean.


Susan Heather said...

Nancy - I thought it was late for Monarch caterpillars here but it would be even colder down there. I checked on mine this morning and the bush is now bare but I moved several to another bush.

Unfortunately, I think some have succumbed to Praying Mantis.

Nancy J said...

Hi Susan , on the wall by the swan plants this morning I did see one praying mantis, and had no idea that they fancied Monarch caterpillars.Yes, I also thought way too cold here for them to be turning in a chrysalis.Cheers from Jean

Lindsjö taxar said...

Hi, hope you will get a nice weekend with lots of pictures taken. I have lindsjo-taxar@hotmail.com
We have sunny today but very strong wind

Michaele said...

That sounds like an interesting race. Can't wait to see more photos. Happy Mothers Day Jean.

Tanya said...

How is Poppy? I found your post on Google Reader but it is gone from your blog. I hope she is okay. Thinking of you and of Poppy.