Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 24 May 2012

View of the Hills

Today we went to Hastings
There were some lovely views, stock by the fence, snow in the distance, there was no safe place to park on the main highway. These photos have none of the red,bronze and golden tones of autumn, but the muted colours of the Hawkes Bay landscape. The hills, taken with the telephoto lens, had some lovely shadows later on our way home,again no place to park, and not able to  go across the road with  traffic each way, This was taken in the morning.
Gullies on hills near Hastings
The John Deere Tractor was parked there, it looked as though it was used to cut the long grass at the roadside.
John Deere Tractor waiting for work
Near the city centre is a pool, with a fountain in it. One man was taking close up photos of the channel, where the water flows over the edge.I guess he had a Macro lens as well.He was about 3cm above the pool edge, any closer and he would have been in the water!!
The sheep did not graze quietly in the shade, but stood still.
Later in the day when we walked back to the wagon, another avid photographer was taking a photo, but his companion was sitting on one of the white sheep !!!
Sheep at HastingsPool near the City Centre
Now, I have no name for this object, hanging high up, all these photos were taken in the same area.
Hastings City has wide streets, lovely shops, people who smile and say “ Hello, how are you today?” to total strangers. A great place to be.
What do I call this
When I bought my Canon camera, there was, by redemption of the sales docket, a MACRO lens. It arrived while I was in Rotorua, and now I can experiment with it.

Macro lens close up
I propped the bowl on its side, so the sun shone through the holes in it.
Pine cones for display before they go in the fire.
Macro and shadows
Quotation of  the day,  from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“ There is strong shadow where there is much light”
Cheers from  Jean

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Susan Heather said...

We must have missed that part of Hastings when we were there (for a Garden Safari) it is a lovely city.