Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What the camera did not see!!

Cyclist I didn't see
I have been told by a very reputable source that last Saturday at the
There was one bike rider, a man, naked .!!! Yes, truly. I missed  him. Maybe just as well,  this is a public blog and not  censored for younger readers.
The Abutilon, almost transparent, bloomed in the afternoon sun.  This was in  Gloria’s garden
Lantern flower
Down the street, I stood in the road, and looked at these beautiful colours. They deepened so quickly, and here the reflection is on the wet road,after overnight rain.
Morning sky
sky 5

Clouds above

The colours darken

On the way back to our family's home, a lady was out walking.
I could not miss her in the brightest PINK Nike shoes.
Glorious Nike shoes
Mother’s Day started with a phone call from the far south. I think they will have snow to 300m tomorrow.
Then after I came back from town, this was waiting, a total surprise. Everyone knew, all day Saturday.
“How did you keep this a secret” “ Easy Nanny, we were out all day at the Cateye, and you were  somewhere else all the  time taking photos!!” Well, not all the time as I missed the naked man!!!
I hope they travel home well on Thursday.
Mother's Day flowers

Quotation of the day, author unknown
“ Graduation to the status of grandparenthood is the best degree of all”
Cheers from Jean


Lindsjö taxar said...

Beautiful pictures of the sky

Nancy J said...

Thanks, I am going to try out some manual settings , my camera has so much for me to learn. That storm passed over in about 10 minutes. Cheers from jean.