Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Liebster Blog Award !!!

I need to pinch myself,  several times. Linda awarded me the Liebster Blog Award.
liebster award

This is awarded to new bloggers, who have less than 200 followers.
You accept the award then do the following.
Thank the person who sent you the award
Send the award to 5 of your favourite blogs who also have under 200 followers (hard part)
Leave a comment on their blog
Post the award on your own blog
list 5 random facts about  yourself ( hard, revealing and  personal!!)
Linda, I am so happy to accept this award.Yes we started blogging about the same time, have shared sadness and loss, also about the same time, and share a delight in quilting, op shops, photos and family memories.
I am sending this award to the following bloggers, in no particular order. For some reason, you will need to press CTRL and click to access the following blog links .

  1…Gayle,  you can find her blog at The White House 
I so enjoy reading about Gayle’s busy days, love the photos of her glasshouse/greenhouse, all those flower seedlings waiting to be  put outside, and the adventures of their family in Fairbanks, Alaska. The daily temperatures always stun me, as I relate them to a Celsius degree. Way too cold for me to even imagine,Thanks Gayle, for sharing all with us.

2…Sue, at Dream Valley Ranch   where I look at their snowy landscape,8400 feet high in Colorado,  read about the rescued dogs and horses, that are cared for and loved so much. I share in the sadness there, and wait to see their  new home further west. Thanks, Sue, and all at DVR, I have learnt so much from your blog, and  from the comments, move to other bloggers as well. Hope you have a safe and happy move.

3…Michaele at Sprout 'n' Wings Farm where I see photos of bantams so like the ones I had as a child, enjoy the goats and their babies, share in joy and loss, and so enjoy reading about life in Nebraska. Thanks Michaele for sharing  your life with us, I so look forward to each instalment of the “kids” as they grow.

4…Jenny at Quilt Skipper where I can share in the FMQ challenge photos of her super work, look at her pages, and so enjoy it all. Thanks Jenny for all your lovely work, it prods me on to  try more, and accept what I do is OK. Your stitching is so lovely and inspirational.

5….Lindsjo at Lindsjo taxar  where I find wonderful photos of life in your country, the dachshund dogs with their transmitter locator collars, and the elk and deer.  Wildlife and water that is so clear, pebbled edges that reflect. I so enjoy all the scenery and reading of your days.

Now onto the FIVE unknown or little known facts about myself.
1.  I enjoy reading in solitude.
2. I have no sense of adventure, and if I had to walk on a 3 or 4 wire bridge to save my life, it would be a real trial.
3. I am a morning person i.e. a fowl. and like the mornings so much better than any time after 1 p.m.
4. I like all animals, apart from  rats,mice,snakes and spiders.( are they all in the animal category)
5.I have been known to talk a lot, but lately some friends say they know others who talk a WHOLE lot more than me.
So that is my post for today, I need to now add the award to my five chosen blogs.

Quotation of the day,  from Frederick R Barnard
“One picture is worth ten thousand words”
Cheers from Jean


Lori Skoog said...

Congrats Jean!
I am a morning person too....and love animals....and talk a lot.

Michaele said...

Thanks for thinking of me Nancy. Now I will have to do some thinking...
I know for sure I am not a morning person. Love that you are : )