Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Poppy’s Update

Poppy yawningPoppy high in the tree

Somehow I put in a post, then deleted it.While I am away, the cat has played. Poppy came in late one evening with skin hanging off a back leg
Phone call by Hugh to the after-hours Vet’s number, talked to the vet, up to the clinic,  full anaesthetic and stitches and a bright fluoro bandage, and 3 hours later, they were home.
The on-going visits have shown all is well, the skin is healing as expected, and with the after hours op,  dressing changes three times a week, the DOLLARS creep up !!!
However  she is now free from the wire walls,  which has been her home for over a week, confined to the house inside only,
PANIC !!! One morning Hugh did not shut the large cage door properly, Poppy managed to get it open and was in the lounge, but Hugh didn’t see her.
'” Shut all the doors!! Has she got outside??? Where is she???”  A very descriptive email  from Janet told me the whole story.
So when I go home on Thursday all should be well, hope the dressing changes are over, and she doesn’t do anything like this again.
The vet thought she had scraped her leg on corrugated iron, or wire netting, not a cat fight.

Poppy with bandage 

In my travels there have been cats.dogs, and bike riders.
Here is Bobby, the Manx cat at Gloria’s home. He is so friendly,and sat so quietly.
Bobby the Manx Cat
Here is Bonny , a darling soft fluffy grey boy, at another home, his lovely Mum and I shared a Mother’s Day Hug together, 2 total strangers joined  by the day and our love of cats.
Bonny or LeBonne
At Gloria’s home I met the dogs. they were so happy to play together and show off their
tricks with the agility course  on the front lawn.
Ted, the 10 week old working Bearded Collie, was full of mischief, and joined in with
Doogal and Bear. He will go a pale grey as he gets older.
Ted the puppy
Doogal, is an Irish Wolf Hound, he was found abandoned in a quarry when he was a pup and the vet’s words, “ I don’t think he will  pull through,
You could play the fiddle on his ribs” Lots of TLC that  worked a miracle, and here he is at 9 years old. A very gentle boy.

Bear is a 16th month old working Bearded Collie, and does both Agility courses and dog  training.
He is full of life, and wanted to be part of the action all afternoon.
Here are the older dogs, with a saddle and jockey strapped on, Little Ted waiting for more fun.
The Canine family
Bear came through the tunnel at great speed, and Ted just sat, glad to have a rest.
Leaving the runTime to sit
Quotation of the day, author unknown
“ Animals steal a part of your heart,
 but leave a  part of themselves in your own heart forever”
Cheers from Jean


Lindsjö taxar said...

How good it wasnt worse with your cat. We have insurance and its necessary. The costs are huge if you dont have that. Nice pictures of the dogs

Nancy J said...

Yes, we wish we had insurance now after so many repeat visits for dressing changes etc. My turn to do the trip to the vet today so I will see it all.Everyone I meet who has a dog /dogs or a cat is very pleased to have their pet's photo here. Cheers from Jean