Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Morning Walk

Felicity eyed the door, and hesitated again.  “ Too Cold”
But she had to visit the garden soon, and walked away in disgust, not daring to venture onto the frost.
No I will not smile
“ Look at my ears, I said I didn’t want to go out.”
Did I have to go outside
“ No, I will not look at the camera right now”
She stomped off along the pebble path, to a sheltered place in the garden.
Felicity on a morning walk
The temperature was 0.8 Celsius, but more frost on the lawn.
Yes, mowing circles again, and the first rays on sunlight at the far end.

frosty lawn
The Weeping Silver Pear tree is dropping leaves more each day, and even when bare the branches are delicate and graceful. Across the stream, sun shines through, in the foreground, a  Kowhai tree has that paler colour.
Weeping Silver Pear TreeTrees across the stream
The Front door and inside at SRVS.
SRVSSRVS front door
Lately, we have had many visits  here. Thanks to Dave, Lynn and all the team at SRVS, Poppy is on the mend at last.
Southern Rangitikei Veterinary Services, have 2 clinics, one in Marton and the larger one in Bulls. Here there is a purpose built clinic, a team of 3 dedicated equine vets and a equine vet nurse with many years experience.
Their services cover large to small animals,beef, dairy cattle or sheep, horses and ponies, pigs to alpacas and more, and  the smaller ones, cats,dogs, turtles,guinea pigs, feathered birds and all else. Dave has had a recent trip to Africa and the photos on the wall show his adventurous time, Elephant sedation, surgery in the outdoors, and standing  with a giraffe.Fascinating, it must have been a great trip, many challenges, and  wonderful  photos.
The pink bandage comes in so many shades, today she has navy  paws on the pink, other days it has been fluoro orange .We hope on Thursday the bandage can come off, and I can do dressings at home. The re-attached skin did not adhere,  so her wound was now classed as a “ De-gloving”,  another anaesthetic, stitches taken out, and then healing started to go at a better pace.
A warm fire, lots of TLC, not so bad after all.
Curled upPink bandage
She has adjusted to inside confinement, shut doors, and a litter box very well.
But bring out the cage, and open the door, and SHE KNOWS where she has to go.
Quotation of the day from William Shakespeare
“Nature teaches beasts to know their friends”
Cheers from Jean


Michaele said...

She certainly looks comfortable there by the fire. Pretty pink cast and all. Love how cats can talk with their ears : )

Nancy J said...

Yes, Felicity is always a solemn girl, and definitely " Hugh's Cat". the bandages are not sticky as such, but sticks to itself, just white sticky plaster at the very top, and her toes, and it gets cut off each time. They come in all widths, and are used on horses a lot.We will all be so pleased when outdoor activities are allowed again!!! Cheers from Jean.

Susan Heather said...

Glad poppy is on the mend. She looks very happy in front of the fire.

I took our two to the vets last week for their annual check ups. As it is only 300 metres I put their cages in the wheelbarrow, covered them up and wheeled them. As you say, getting them into the cages is the hard part. Just one clink as one opens a cage and they are gone!

Nancy J said...

Where is the barrow photo? How many stopped and asked " What is in your barrow today, Lady??"And what did the vet say about their transport?I can only laugh at the image. Cheers from jean