Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bags of bags and fabric

While I was in Rotorua Freedom Furniture very kindly donated a very large box of fabric for the bags. This has been used and the bright colours were ideal for combining in lovely colour selection .The softer tones are ideal for men's and boys' bags,and again can be combined together. 
Some bags from local ladies, a great assortment with felted wool bags, fabric bags, little purse bags and shoulder bags.
Who would think that there would be so many different styles of bags? I am amazed at the styles and designs of  free patterns on the net, the most wonderful, easy, affordable, place to look.No need to travel, just search, choose, download and print.How easy is that.!!
These were left at Dianne Southey's, From Rose City Quilters, Palmerston North ladies, and others. Many thanks  for  dropping the bags off.  There are bags with toggles on the handles, folded pockets on the  outside, New Zealand motifs, a lovely choice of fabrics and designs. All on their way to Tokyo for sending to  April and Tim Snyder for distribution.
More bags that I collected from Dianne Southey, just so good to have a drop off place in Palmerston North, many thanks for this,
Some bags that have  been screen printed, and the lovely square patch ones, so bright.                        If I have not included your name, it  will be on the card attached to that bag.   
There are bags to go to Wellington  tomorrow, again thanks Russell for taking them down . There is fabric waiting to be cut, there are bags waiting to be photographed, and of course there is housework,  a bit like the song " Why am I waiting"?. Well, some things in life just have to wait.
We have had a  lot of rain, but not as cold as the far south, just 2 degrees Celsius in Lawrence on Friday I hear, and the snow is due on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with gale winds.The ski field people will be so glad if there is a big dump of snow before the school  holidays.
Cheers from Jean.

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Nancy J said...

I tried to edit this post but did not master the method, or I do not have the right setup.Included in the bags from Palmerston North and Rose City Quilters are 5 from Roz, including the ones with origami type pockets, a black and white one with the RED ROSE, a white one with big pocket,and a knot bag.Sorry Roz that your name did not go in the original post.Many thanks . Cheers, Jean.