Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Winter in 2008

                                                            Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand.  
         This was taken in July 2008, on the way to Ohakune , and then up the icy,frozen,  treacherous road to the  Turoa Skifield. Believe it, that is me under the glasses, hat, 3 layers of winter clothing and tramping boots.Needless to say, but I had better make sure you all know, Hugh is with me. This was a birthday outing!!! No fancy hotel meal with candles and cake, just beautiful scenery and a lovely couple from overseas who kindly took the photo.

I'm sure many skiers will be hoping for a season with the same huge snowfalls, fine days and no wind. Cheers from Jean.


Ali Honey said...

It's a while since I saw that much snow on Ruapehu!

I was reading back through some of your posts and saw where the cat had gone across the Tutuaenui Stream.
That means you live somewhere very near wher I grew up. I lived the first 17.5 years of my life on a farm that had the "Tut" running through it. ( Galpins Road just above the old reservior.)
I am wondering if you are from Marton area originally?

Nancy J said...

Hi Ali, we moved here in 2002, and were at Tuapiro Road in Katikati before that. The "Tut" is right at our boundary, and we are near Hawkestone Road, the south end of Marton. The snowfall in 2008 was big, there was still snow on the roadsides that day,and the road up from Ohakune very icy.Just email me if you want any more info about things here now. Cheers, Jean

Nancy J said...

i have altered the comment form so you do not have to enter the complicated pseudo words first. Cheers from Jean