Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Grey Day

Marie   Williams was off on holiday but
 sent these via a friend.Thanks so much. Lovely colours that suited the pattern so well. Hope the Australian trip went well, and no delays with the ash cloud.
Josie Bliss, these are just lovely  and the children will be so happy to get one each. The little rabbits will bring a smile to  one small person.
No names for this selection, but again  the lovely hand sewn padded toggles on the cords.These came from the Palmerston North area.
Multicolour 9 patch, a beautiful circle  inset and. a soft coloured one with a contrast lining all add to the various styles that are sent to Japan. I am sure they will be very gratefully received. Again these are from" Palmy".

Late afternoon June 23rd. The time is almost 5 p.m. the sky is grey and the  fading sunlight just visible through the trees. By the time this photo was loaded, edited, cropped and compressed the street lights were on. Surely this is a grey day, and more so for the many living in Christchurch who will have found out if they are in a zone where they can rebuild, or if they have to leave and start a new life in another area. A challenge for those who are bold, a daunting prospect for the ones with a gentler spirit, and for many just too hard to even contemplate.My heartfelt caring thoughts to you all.
Cheers from Jean.

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