Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Gifts from Japan

It seems fitting that I include some of the gifts I have received from our Japanese friends.The custom to give and receive is very important in Japan, and when our host daughters went back to Japan they took hand made gifts with them.I had asked Mayumi to write in characters her family names, and after much practising, managed to get them written onto bags and aprons. I can still remember her astonishment that I managed to achieve the writing!!! Scarves, and woodwork went another time.Thanks by phone, email and letter always came very soon.
This is the beautiful folder with studio photographs of our host daughter, and her brother and sister. This  was a gift from Akemi, and her 5 day stay with us went too fast. I will need to ask permission before I post the actual photos.They are stunning.And when I look at them I have the most wonderful memories of our year together
This fan was a gift from Mayumi's grandmother, for me to use on hot days.  I treasure it with other memories, and her letters.These needed to be translated, as they were all in character, and with  such fine penmanship,
Folding cloths, I liked the one with small rabbits. Again, treasures that are kept safe. From another Japanese guest who stayed with us.
My little well worn dictionary ( the one in the iddle) was looked at with great dismay by one of our B&B guests some years ago, and he went to his suitcase. Very solemnly he bowed and gave me the larger one, in its own cardboard case, and asked me to accept it. I did, and was so glad to be able to give them a gift when they left the next morning, home made cake and some of Hugh's woodwork each. These table cards were  a gift from our other host  daughter, who lives near Tokyo. Her Mother and Father are accomplished violinists, and we were given a DVD of one of their recitals. Wonderful to see them and listen to the  music.

These are a few of my favourite things.

Cheers from Jean

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