Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday at Home

Te Apiti Wind Farm Sep











Te Apiti Wind Farm in the  Tararua Ranges, north of Palmerston North. There are 158 turbines, with a height of 78 metres, and each blade has a span of 35 metres. Combined they can provide power for about 45,000 homes. This is the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere,( data from Internet)

This day we were on our way to Napier, and stopped to view these large windmill like structures. They seem to me to be like ballerinas, all the blades moving in unison, according to the wind direction


.kookaburra at Brisbane

This was a young Kookaburra sitting on the veranda railing, at Des and Pat’s home near Brisbane. Birds in Australia have the most magnificent colours in their plumage,




Bearded Iris

This Bearded Iris is in our garden, and the shaded colours appeal to me so much. As always, my favourite colours seem to prevail in the garden, my clothes, and the fabrics I choose for quilting.some years ago, I could not find even a scrap with bright yellow to ZING up the blocks for  a quilt.Now I tend to keep fat quarters of my most un- favourite colours, in case they are needed on a Saturday.


Cheers from Jean

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