Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Holiday views

She sits up high, watching for birds in the grape vine,now left with some very dark fruit that smells like fermenting wine. Just a few leaves left but enough so the birds can hide.

The float plane at Lake Rotorua was waiting for the tourists to arrive, and then show them around the city, fly over the hot pools and geysers,and circle around all the other lakes,  another 9 to view. I have been on all except Lake  Rotokakahi  (Green Lake),in wooden dinghies, aluminium ones,small boats, cabin boats,some outings with trout caught,admired and then smoked and eaten,others where the weather was so bad we came home,looking at snow falling on Mt Tarawera, huddled in the tin dinghy and very relieved to reach the jetty ,hurry back   to have a hot shower,hot drink and sit by the fire.Those were the days when we were all young, coped with the extremes that a winter could give, frozen roads, icy water that made even the strongest of teeth tingle,washing that hung frozen on the line for days,and we wore many layers of warm clothes.This was before manufacturers made the fine merino fabric that has made such a difference to us all for warmth,design and fashion,layers that can be added for extra warmth or discarded when the temperature climbs.Not the  swandri and heavy garments,thick socks and gumboots  as we remember winter, but swing tunics, camisoles,leggings,jackets and tops that are so smart .
Cheers from Jean.


Tanya said...

I sort of remember the name Lake Rotorua from my childhood picture books. All these names of the places you write about seem so far away and fascinating...

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely tibouchina flower! Many thanks for the card reader, I'm sure I'll get use from this.