Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Photos from the other camera

The Tongariro River with all the autumn colours showing .Taken by Hugh, on our way home from Rotorua,  the colours, contrast and just enough clear sky to balance the shot. Mine was pale in comparison. Maybe you will see more of his shots later on.
Mt Ngauruhoe, taken by me on a trip to Auckland,flying from  Palmerston North.There had been a good fall of snow some days before this, and I was lucky to have some clear sky.On the return flight all we saw was cloud.One thing I learnt from this, choose the side  you sit according to what  you want to look at and photograph.I managed to find an empty seat this time to get these shots, this was the best.
Sunrise, from our back door, taken by Hugh,  in December. The glorious colours do not last very long, and you need to be waiting and take continuous pics, then choose the one you like the best. The next one is the sunset, again taken by Hugh, on March 4th at 6 p.m. This is what we see from the front door, and often at about 5 p.m. we see the vapour trails of the big jet planes going from south to Auckland or further.

 A while ago Hugh had a stay in Pureora Forest Park, in from Taumaranui.This is a huge area, and one of many where cycle tracks are being established. In February I went with him and we camped for a week at Piropiro Flats.One of the fellow campers was a young man from New Plymouth way, who worked for a firm that established mountain bike trails in other countries.My dentist was interested in our holiday and asked' Were we staying in a hotel?" NO, "Were we staying in motels?" NO," Would we  be staying  in cabins or with friends?" NO, we were in a tent. He laughed, and he laughed more and more when I told him at my next visit that the larger size, standing height tent  was just somehow left at home, and we had to manage with a small just barely 2 person, crawl
height only tent. However my other name is " Mrs Compromise" so I managed  OK.The highlight of our stay was when a lost hunting dog was re-united with his Dad, and  to see  Jake sit up, jump up and down, ears up, listening to a vehicle kilometres away, then leap up, bark and bark, was a real joy.He knew the sound of that car when we could hardly hear the engine at all.Yes, I will go back again, taking more books, more hand sewing, more coffee, and a bigger tent.
In February Hugh had 2 weeks at Waitahuna, and there was a trip on the Taieri Gorge Railway from Dunedin to Middlemarch. The trip was short, as there was an engine problem.  At every available place, people hung out the windows, perched on the viewing platform, and photographed the stunning scenery.

The bags are arriving, and another lot will go to Wellington on Monday.The ladies in Auckland are getting together tomorrow, fabric, cord and ribbon, and patterns, have been taken up, courtesy  of Post Haste Couriers. Many thanks Bridget, Margaret and Jasmina for all your help in this, especially Jasmina for taking the time to finalise the freight, on a very  busy day, just before the long weekend. The same firm Post Haste, will collect the bags from Marj Ussher, and all this is from our own homes. Door to Door delivery, I couldn't ask for more, and many many thanks Post Haste,
Amy at  The Cloth Shop says she has some bags for collection and there are more at Dianne Southey's, to collect on Thursday.
Pics of more bags will follow.
Cheers from Jean

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