Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Spring flowers

The colours of nature cannot be ignored when they show so brightly even on a dull day.The Freesias have given their best display ever, and the perfume so strong, it wafts across the grass given the slightest puff of air.
yellow freesia                                            viewed through the wooden block                                                            

pink freesia                                                        purple freesiapotted yellow freesiapurple freesia in a pot

Just when Hugh thought the firewood days had finished for the year, we had a cooler morning.I rescued this wonderful piece before it succumbed to the flames, and it seemed to frame the white freesia so well.
Onto the quilting process, slow, but the blocks are all turning out to be the perfect 12.5 inches as required.  More fabric just needed to go into the BOM box, in case I decide to do more than the 9 blocks we get the patterns for.

BOM 1BOM 3BOM 2BOM 4BOM 5BOM 6                                                                                   more fabric for more BOM squares

Quotation of the day from  J Clarke, 1639
 ( the proverb may be older then the reference date given)
The interpretation will be in tomorrow’s post.

Save something for the man that rides on the white horse.

Cheers from Jean


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