Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 10 October 2011

A difference in a day and with a Book

tulip budtulip in flowermore freesia colourGossamer grassCherry blossom

Yesterday the Cherry Blossom Trees were barely showing flowers.
today there is so much, and tomorrow if there is the predicted wind, they will all blow to the ground.
The tulip bud opened., and as promised, is a deep pinky-red with white outlines.
The Gossamer Grass is a delight when it has the fluffy ends on each stalk.it  seems to wave so gently in any breeze.
A great hiding place for any cat,they can peer out from under the canopy, and pounce on a bird that dares to come close.

      The stream is showing many stones, just a small ripple where the larger ones collected after the rain a few weeks ago.  Clear water,does this  indicate the  “ Clean Green NZ” image we want to give to all the RWC and other visitors?? I hope they are all enjoying what NZ has to offer, friendliness, great scenery, good sportsmanship, and I am sure many goodies to take home as a reminder of a wonderful holiday.

Lupin leaf after rain
   The rain collected in the lupin leaves after a brief shower.Nature showing  off!! Again, Green, and Clean.!!
     This is the book that Kaz suggested I should read She had been to a work seminar and Allison Mooney was a guest speaker. A wonderful lady, great sense of humour, and a superb public speaker. Allison is one of just 6 New Zealanders  to hold the Certified Speaking Professional accreditation. ( there are only 750 people in the whole world with this).Wow. It has given me a perception of why I am how I am, why others are how they are, and how I can best live,work or play with anyone from another category.Guess what?? I am a PEACEFUL type, maybe I had known this all my life, but Allison Mooney opened up a whole new set of pages in the  book of  my life, so to speak. Even the book cover is different, the four buttons are slightly raised, and the buttonholes can be felt as slight indentations. Very fitting reading material for a sewer and hopeful quilter!!! So press on, girl,  the blog number might sooner rather than later  reach the “100” at this rate.
book title 001

Quotation of the day from Francis Bacon,  1561-1626

Be so true to thyself as thou be not false to others.

Cheers from Jean

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