Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Will we get there??

  compulsory stop
Hugh and I began the day out, with many stoppages. Indeed, as I stood on the road taking the train’s photo, the  train went past, the RED light stopped and there I was , yes, holding up the traffic behind us. Not a good start at all. Further on the huge transporter had a long queue behind, then the sheep thought they had the “Right Of Way” on that part of the road.

oversize transporter

we crossed

will we cross the road


 We  were on the way to the Hot Springs  in the Kaweka Forest Park, inland from Napier.
The Pools are so good,
 a welcome soak after a long tramp.   Hot PoolsJust the thing!!!
Mohaka River way below

it is a back pack all right

the road below
Ready for anything            

Almost there and we met the group of students from Central Hawke’s Bay  College. They were undertaking part of the Duke of Edinburgh award programme, in the Silver Level.This is participated in world wide, and has 3 progressive levels, Bronze,  Silver and Gold, with 4 sections in the first 2 levels, and 5 in the Gold one. Volunteer, Physical, Skills and Expedition are the areas, with a certain number of months in each one.

These “ Intrepid Trampers” were  undertaking this as part of the Silver Level,they very readily agreed to their photo being published. Many months of planning,training, are all part of this 3 day, 2 night outing.
Fitness had been assured with weekend day tramps, no doubt the weight of the pack carefully planned , all  fitted in with care,any extras tied on the outside. I hope the rain did not arrive as Metservice advised, and the final crossing was OK.

More visitors arrived at the end of the road, the 2 tiny  Paradise Shelducks  oblivious to all the photos we took. The dogs in the wagon not at all interested, other than to look and say with silent words “ Make sure those babies stay safe!!” The ducklings were going to be released when old enough to cope by themselves. Tadorna variegata  and I can see why this title so suits them.Beautiful display of feathers
Make sure you take care of those babies
I came for a picnic too
 We slowly made our way home, the day out just so much more interesting with the addition of meeting students, a man from Norway , in NZ  for some weeks,looking forward to  meeting his best friend, and then his brother and taking them around the South Island, little ducklings, 2 dogs,several  tractors, many farm quad bikes,sheep, the roadside men with the STOP and GO signs, and wonderful coffee in Dannevirke. Small things by themselves, but adding them all up, they coloured our day out with much brightness.

Quotation of the day, from Moslih Eddin Saada, 1184-1291
“ A traveler without observation is a bird without wings”
Cheers from Jean

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