Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Monday, 3 October 2011

Green and Purple

Colours are such an important part of anyone’s life. Mine seem to revolve around blue,green and purple.Favourites always. But this weekend the GREEN took over totally.
Hugh’s cousin Shirley, and Arthur, and their motorhome called in for a brief stay before they head south to Winton.Yes, near Invercargill, to see their family. Hugh looked at their temporary  abode, remembered the times we were in our caravan, and his face told it all.The silent words I’m sure said “ WISH we were off south as well!!!”
.Motor home S & A
Shirley and I compared quilting projects, the photo of her quilt with Japanese fabrics will come later when it is finished.   Choosing a binding for the Hexagon was so much easier with Shirley on hand to help decide that the better one was  the same as the backing. That is almost finished, a good time to sew in loose ends while watching the All Blacks.
This was sewn way before the word “QUILTING” was even in my word list. It has probably been in a previous post,but has wonderful memories sewn in . Made from dress fabrics, some mine, some one’s of my Mums, that tells me how old it is as she died in 1981, some from dresses I had sewn for our daughters, and also furnishing and curtain material. It has been used so much.In the car in case of an impromptu picnic. On the beach when fishing. On the lawn on a hot summer day.In the tent to make the floor a carpet instead of blue nylon tarpaulins. Hugh lay on it under a shady tree in the Coromandel after the small fish on his line flicked back and hit him in the eye. The  sinker did damage first, so the fish was added injury !! Arnica and a cold pack, and soon it was almost back to normal.I think it was his birthday,so not the best way to celebrate A  black eye, and not even a fish to show when we went home..My memory recalls cold bubbly, maybe strawberries, and a lovely summer’s day.On the other hand, very good reasons to celebrate.   The rug  now lives at Waitahuna.
Maybe it is time for me to find a pattern  to make a replacement QUILT, not just a patchwork rug. Maybe it is time to finish all WIP first.

Quotation of the day, from Montaigne, 1533-1592, from Essais.

The greatest thing in the  world is to know how to be oneself

Cheers from Jean

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