Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Friday, 28 October 2011

Travels on a Wet Day

Windscreen viewsWaiting for Mum                 
Hugh and I started out for a day of Photography!!! The weather deteriorated into solid rain.
This lovely dog sat waiting very patiently for Mum, and then  agreed to pose  for me.
We went through Kimbolton, to the Kawhatau Valley.Not much traffic on the windy, metal road.
The  cliffs might be composed of “greywacke” ( not sure) but my research into this led me to all sorts of detailed and complicated Geology Reports.They looked unstable in many places and there had been some small rock falls.

cliffs by the roadsideRiver winding downLupin leaves catch the rain.
On the way home we passed a paddock with calves, one stood still long enough for one photo.The lupin leaves all were“ Water Catchers” and I managed to get almost into the water, proof that I was There!!!Note my grey SalomonWalking Shoe!!! The tramping boots stayed in my pack.Big sigh!!!
The old homes seemed to say “Look at Me”, and in days gone by would have had
happy families living there, in those days a very isolated life, although it did look like
they maybe had  power.the smaller one would have been a welcome haven on those cold winter days with snow on the hills nearby.

Nearly in the  waterBlack calf posing

A Long time ago...A small home from long ago

I would like to think that these “ Clean Green’ images show some of
the countryside from areas well away from towns,cities and traffic.
Peace and Isolation, for sure!!

Black calf posing

The Old Homestead

Quotation of the day from 
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832
“ All theory, dear friend, is grey,
 but the golden tree of actual life springs ever green"

Cheers from Jean

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June said...

I am sure I have been around that area with my late husband, we once returned from Hawkes Bay on the inland route and it was all unsealed, and summer; the scenery was wonderful but the dust covered everything in the boot.